Issues with opening account

Hello folks,

So my wife finally moved to the UK and we wanted to open a wee shiny Monzo account for her.
We tried previously (when she was still living in Poland) it never worked. Yesterday we tried again and we got my fav error “Unfortunately we can’t offer you a Monzo account”. I have messaged our friendly support chat and they advised us to message Monzo on chat but from my wife’s account. I just realised she can’t as she has no option to open chat :see_no_evil: What shall we do now? I am not a fan of going to Big Banks to open an account for her then for myself so we can have a joint account…

Any advice?

You could try Starling?


You can try emailing but they’ll just tell you what the app has, just in a few more words. They won’t override the decision and they can’t tell you why she’s not eligible.

Best bet is Starling, followed by NatWest/RBS who are the best high street bank in terms of app at the moment.


Hey There,

If not already you can email, for a manual review.


Review email seems to be dead :joy:
She went with Starling and tbh it I am thinking of moving there too :thinking: