I was rejected a Monzo account

Hi there,

I am a UK resident with bank accounts and a good credit history (never missed a payment).

I was rejected for a Monzo account and would like to find out why. I completed on a property last month and I make on-time mortgage repayments. I cannot see any reason why I would be rejected.

Please can you assist me in setting up a joint account for me and my partner?

Hi. Welcome.

If Monzo has said no, that is unfortunately the end of it. They can’t/won’t tell you why.

All you can do is try again in a few months.

As above. There must be something they don’t like but sadly you’ll never know why and there is unfortunately nobody that can force them to give you an account or tell you why.

We can’t tell you specifically why you’ve been rejected.

You can reach out to review@monzo.com but I wouldn’t anticipate the outcome will change.

If it helps, I wasn’t eligible for a joint account with Monzo having been a personal customer for some years, though Starling opened sole accounts, and then a joint account within minutes once both approved.