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Hi there, hoping someone here could shed some light for me. I have just been refused a Monzo account and I can’t think why. I’ve been reading posts about this happening to others but none of the reasons seem to apply to me. I’ve lived in the UK for over 7 years, I work full-time, never had any depts or fraud issues.
Does anyone know what reasons there could be?
I’ve emailed help@monzo.com but I just thought I’d post here to get some advice


Hello, welcome to the community! We don’t know unfortunately as we’re all customers. Monzo might tell you but chances are they won’t. Usually the best next step is to open an account elsewhere

Echoing what @ndrw said, your best bet is emailing Monzo as you have done but more often than not they won’t tell you why you were refused.

Your second-best bet would be trying Starling, which is similar to Monzo in its own right.

Hope you get it sorted nevertheless! :relaxed:


Just wondering if the OP had any luck with this? The same thing has happened to me. I’ve lived in the UK my entire life, have a good credit rating with debt or any other issues and I got a DSAR from CIFAS and they have nothing on me. I can only guess that I made a mistake on my application but when I rang they said there was no way to re-appply.

If Monzo have said you can’t re-apply, that makes it sound like it wasn’t just a mistake or a typo. But that seems to be the end of it.

Maybe try Starling?

I actually want to switch from Starling to Monzo haha. I wanted the premium account, and I can’t find all the features you’d get with that from another bank as far as I can see. They might have a legitimate reason which can’t be changed and that’s fair enough but not knowing what it is or being able to see a problem is a bit frustrating. I’ve opened about 5 current accounts with 3 different UK banks over the past 7-8 years with no problems so it seems unlikely that there’s a major issue Monzo would have that they didn’t.

Hi, still waiting for a response from Monzo but not holding my breath!

Best of luck with your application

And @Irosie

I am nosey :pig_nose:, did you get it solved guys? :sweat_smile:

Any conclusions, outcomes?

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Have you tried emailing review@monzo.com asking them to review your application

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