Underdogs, hot-coral cards and a new mobile network

Nah, by legacy rust I mean actual iron oxide, often found on legacy banking systems & telecoms equipment.


I’ve signed up. I used to be so stuck with what I knew ‘I’ve always been with EE, why would I change?’

I’m now happy to change banks (to Monzo) energetic providers and open to change mobile network provider for the right reasons.

Can’t wait to see where throw goes from here!

PS - please use my link!

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but the T&C of many carriers forbid you from using them as pure data SIMs and I’ve heard of people being blocked because the carrier has discovered such usage.

Well it’s not like there aren’t competitors - granted they’re just as bad as each other but if one blocks you just hop on another one.

Actually, that gives me an idea. An app that would allow you to break free of any scammy contracts by stressing the network so much the carrier has to cut you off. That would be interesting.


Any prospect of offering PAYGO plans?


Something I would love to do! Because of the additional complexity/tech needed, it wouldn’t be something we can do from the get-go. Might be akin to the Monzo launch to joint-account timeframe…


It’ll be exciting. Thank you for signing up! :smiley:

Not for the time being, though we’ll definitely explore different pricing models that work best for customers. The standard PAYG model is notoriously harder to get off the ground (10x min capital, 10x min customers).

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Excellent, look forward to seeing it.

I’ve added Zevvle to the referral wiki if people want to put their links there. Referral Wiki: Post/Find Here


In the email I got for requesting an invite it says for everyone I refer I will get 1 month free. What does the person who uses my referral link get?


The opportunity to recruit more people, MLM style! :joy:

Seriously though, they get a (hopefully) great network. Is that not enough?


TBD. Giving the referee one month free as well would be great, but I can’t make the business case for it at the moment (effectively doubling all free months given). It’s a work in progress, and I’m open to suggestions! :thinking:

That’s the plan! Though an additional network effect could help things…


How about free calls/texts but only to the person who invites them?

Or the option whether the inviter takes a full month for free, or splits it 50/50 with the person they invite (so both users get a month for half price) or 80/20 etc

On the back of this, with banking you are protected (with some banks) by FCA… are there any such safety measures for mobile networks?

2 Questions:

  1. Why did you choose Red for the colour scheme?
  2. When will you change this to Hot Coral?

Seriously though, looks good. I’m currently with EE but when my contract comes to an end it may be one I would consider - but that said the pricing seems about on par with EE. (Although EE is currently on sale, for a 30gb data plan).

So I think the EU roaming stuff would be the bit that puts you in better standing.

I like the idea of splitting the month… thinking about the implementation details. Free calls/texts on the same network is great, though our plans will have unlimited of both.

Not to the same extent, although networks offering credit services, etc. will be FCA registered. What we’re doing for now is quite simple, so the majority of what we need to comply with is the standard consumer protection for billing, etc. As bill shock has always been a pain-point, spending limits are finally coming into effect October 1st which is good news.

We’re going to offer a default limit of £0 (i.e., you won’t pay more than your monthly plan), and make that easily changeable if you need to call internationally, etc.

  1. Corny as it sounds, I had a vision of bold red SIM cards.
  2. I feel like we need our own version of Hot Coral. Problem is, you see a SIM for 5 minutes before it disappears into you phone. And with electronic SIMs (hopefully) just around the corner…

Thank you! :slight_smile:


I had a vision of bold red SIM cards.

Vodafone? :wink:

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Interested to see how this takes shape! I’ve requested an invite, although I highly doubt I would switch simply because of employee benefits and discounts I get on my current network :iphone:

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There’s that… I like the idea of using something bright for SIMs to complement the red, e.g., Monzo’s navy blue vs hot coral.

Totally understand, and thank you for the support :smiley:

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Why zevvle and how do we pronounce it?


It’d be great if I could say something profound about ancient translations, but… somewhat-random letter association. :man_shrugging: Pronounced like “pebble,” just different consonants.

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Make something profound up quick!

It’s an ancient name for a faraway star from a small island in the Sargasso sea, roughly translated to honesty. :smirk: