Underdogs, hot-coral cards and a new mobile network

Ouch! Kudos to them for at least offering that. You’re right, location has a huge impact on the best network… :disappointed:

There’s also the option of a femtocell (“Signal Box” EE call them) that extends coverage indoors. I believe you simply plug them in to your broadband…


Interesting! I’ll keep an eye on this for sure. I’m tied to 3 for the next 16 or so months but after that I’ll take a gander and see what you’re offering then.

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Showed interest… always welcome a new network, only downside EE crap in Yorkshire and Giffgaff rules for me. But will use as a business sim for support. We need more entrepreneurs like yourself.

Good luck with the network.

Is there a particular reason why EE was chosen? It seems the majority of MVNO’s use EE, just wondered if they offered something that Vodafone/o2 or Three didnt?

hi can i switch my number to you.

By jove that’s a long time. Thank you for the interest!

That’s very kind, thank you Stephen :blush:

  1. On average, EE have the best speed and coverage. Although as O2 and Vodafone share masts, and O2 recently acquired more 4G spectrum, this could change. 5G is the next battleground…
  2. We’re using a network enabler (as a new entrant, I highly doubt any of the big 4 would talk to us without 50k+ customers…), and the one we’re happy with uses EE. :slight_smile:

Absolutely! You’ll be able to keep your old number without paying extra :smiley:

This is lovely!

I’ve been working on such a project for some time now but never managed to get past a prototype stage (negotiating deals with a host carrier was the dealbreaker for me). Would love to have a chat - any chance you can drop me an email? hi@rjevski.io.

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Some of the blog posts just appear to link to a page that says “Request invite” and nothing else (European roaming article is one of them).


Interesting idea, unfortunately EE have bad coverage where I live.

When roaming in Europe do you get 3g or 4g? I moved from three as they only roam in 3g…

What about data Sims for iPads?


What about data Sims for iPads?

You can just forget the voice side and use a normal sim in there. There is nothing special about a “data” SIM - in fact most data SIMs from legacy carriers still come with a phone number attached. :joy:

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Yeah but most of the great data deals on phones are not allowed to be used on iPads

I used to work for EE in the call Center all of the SIM cards including data sims and even a Apple Watch came with a mobile number this was used for billing purposes

Any sim can be used in a iPad or any tablet that can hold a sim


Define “not allowed”? What would happen if you did so anyway? How would they even know (I mean technically they could lookup every connected IMEI to figure it out but I doubt they’re that advanced - never had any issues using normal phone SIMs for data purposes. I’ve even had great success using Three’s unlimited data in a 4G modem on a computer).


with a mobile number this was used for billing purposes

What a waste of numbers. Even if the magic boxes required an actual phone number in there surely they could’ve just used a random unused/test country code and assigned meaningless internal numbers instead.

Yay for legacy rust I guess. :joy:

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They whole system EE use is rust for the main customer data account they use the old T-mobile system called Excalibur which connects to a citrix server every mobile tablet and smart watch even if you have no SIM card for a Apple Watch or a tablet that dose not take a sim has an assigned mobile number it’s crazy


Not just EE. They’re all like that. I don’t know there’s any carrier out there that’s rust-free.


Yeah I’m aware the SIMs are the same, but the T&C of many carriers forbid you from using them as pure data SIMs and I’ve heard of people being blocked because the carrier has discovered such usage.

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Oh dear :grimacing: I can say that won’t happen with us; if you’ve got data to use, use it.

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I’d really like a multi device account, so I can buy say 30GB of data but use it over several devices. If I could add family members to the plan even better.

I find I waste data allowance because I have to predict what usage will be on my phone vs my ipad vs my modem etc. I know I can tether and just have one plan but it’s a pain in the posterior.

If you added that capability I’d move to you and put up with the poor coverage in my flat…


Will definitely keep an eye on this. I’ve never really had a problem with Three in the 4 years I’ve been with them, coverage is great, pricing is spot on (£18/month for unlimited data) and I can’t say I’ve ever needed to get in touch with their customer service.

My inner design geek is interested to see where you’ll take the design of the app and the website too!