SIM only deal?

So I’ve come to the end of my contract yay! Looking for a good deal for a sim only,
Don’t really need to get a phone as still happy with my iPhone XR - anyone know of good deals?

I’d pref want unlimited mins and txts and at least 12GB of data :+1:

Can anyone recommend some good networks?

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£18 per month on Sky, with 15GB and unlimited calls/texts. 12 month contract tho…

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Depends on ur area of course but I have been with 3 for years started as sim only and as of feb got X-ray on 2 year contract

A couple that seem to fit, depending on your desire for data speed;

EE; 20gb data, £21

Three; unlimited data; £22 or £20, for a 12 or 24 month contract. (with a deal on the latter for the first 6 mo)

Or they also have exactly 12gb for £13

Three have the unlimited plan on offer again
Switched to three as EE are awful and Vodafone are awful and expensive even aftery works discount.
£10 for 6 months then £20 after that

Have a look at ID Mobile, not sure about the data you need. R-

Just looked it up- there is a sale on at present 20GB for £14 pm.

Rolling 30 day contract.

The thing with SKY is I find their retention deals to be really impressive.

I had 1 SIM only deal with them, and needed 2 more SIMS for the kids (was going to move everyone to someone like ID or something).

Sky offered £5 for each SIM which included unlimited calls/texts and 8GB of data each (24GB in total!)

Any unused date can be used to buy Sky rewards.

I’ve heard similar stories for people renewing with Sky…

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Thanks everything for your suggestions, deffo some good contenders out there I’ll do a check on coverage atm I’m with Vodafone, good speeds but they always mess up the bills :-1: I’ll do a coverage check and see what comes up trumps, doesn’t help I live in a small welsh valley lol :joy:

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Yeah, I switched to Sky when they launched mobile and have had 2-3 years of really good service, plus upgrade/swaps, ‘cashing in’ unused data and special offers. Can’t fault them.

In terms of retention, I started with a SIM only deal which has grown over the years to 3x SIMs and now 3x Phones too.


I live in a [albeit shallow] valley and went with ID mobile as they support WiFi calling. R-

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The voxi deals are pretty good. Unlimited calls texts, picture messaging (If that’s your thing), and social media 8gb for £10 or 15gb for £15. However, I got a message a few months ago saying they were upgrading their billing system so everyone will he unlimited until it is sorted… not heard anything since and I’m still on unlimited :man_shrugging:t2::grin:

The only potential issue with voxi is that they dont support VoLTE or wifi calling but to be honest the Vodafone signal has been great everywhere I have used it so it hasn’t been an issue


I’m on GiffGaff and pay £8 a month (which is the lower end because I mostly use wifi) but some of their deals are pretty good, especially when it’s not even on contract and you can chop & change your tariff from month to month if you desire.

It’s unlimited calls and texts from £10pm onwards (which gets you 6GB of data), £12 for 10GB, £15 for 15GB and £20 for 40GB.

You can opt to pay £25pm for the 40GB and get “Always on” data (basically you just get a reduced speed after you run out of your 40GB allowance) so all in all its pretty good in my opinion… plus they tell you if you’re paying them too much on your tariff so you don’t get ripped off :+1::grin:


I’m id mobile, £10 9gb rolling contact, but three signal is not the best, I’m thinking of switching to Vodafone with a redemption deal

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If you can bear to be on the Three network, Smarty offer 8GB for £15pm (but if you use less, you’ll get a discount off next month). You can easily buy more data for £1.25/GB.

They also offer 100GB for £17pm, or unlimited for £25pm

All plans have unlimited calls and texts.

They also guarantee free EU roaming after Brexit.

Edit: Forgot to say it’s a monthly deal, you can leave at any time, and change plan up or down as your circumstances change.

Wow thanks all spoilt for choice now haha! Process of elimination I think, I’ve just signal all networks are pretty decent even three :hushed: apart from no good at work I work in a hospital so signal never the best anyway, I came across someone called Vectone but couldn’t find who they run off but had a good deal seemed to good to be true :eyes:

Did you try turning on WiFi calling? R-

They run off EE

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Oh ok thank you :blush:

No worries, their customer service is terrible by the looks of it though

Yeah I second that was waiting on the chat to ask who they run off waited for 16 minutes not even a response oh well one more off my list :x: