Sim Only plans - what do you guys think?

Hello gang!

I’ve decided to pay off my O2 plan, as i’m just being a bit ripped off it seems.

I live in London, and was wondering what was your experiences and recommendations for sim only deals and what providers to go to?

Reckon 3/4 Giga a month is amply enough for me, just thought i’d ask the community what they think!

Thanks guys!

Giffgaff works in the 02 network
No contract and you can keep your number.
Look them up


Ye i have seen that !

However they dont seem to offer EU or any sort of roaming included?

I work in music and tour a fair bit so that’s a massive downer.

Been looking at ID mobile and Virgin and what not, just monthly rollovers, no 12 months preferably.

Thanks for your answer! If you’ve got any other tips, please share :slight_smile:

In terms of speed and reliabiltiy I find EE to be the best. I’m currently on a sim only with them and have EE max (speeds of 90mb/s - often more) 12gb of data with free 4G roaming in Europe and a couple of other countries (like the US). And if you get promotions or your employer has deals with them you can get SIM only contracts for quite cheap. I pay £13 for mine.

Most providers (O2 and 3) only offer 3G roaming so that’s something to watch out for if you travel a lot.

I find that main networks give you better service than MVNOs like giffgaff, but that might just be because I use the services that MVNOs don’t provide like Wifi and 4G Calling.

As an all-round sim only plan I’d probably say 3. Their prices are competitive and customer service is decent.

If you’re looking for data roll on you should check out Smarty. They’re new but they run on 3 and they actually refund you for the data you don’t use. I never used them so can’t talk about experience.

I had a lot of issues with O2 making my experience a hassle and randomly charging me for things and offering poor support when I needed it. Plus I live in Scotland and their coverage ain’t great here. So O2, giffgaff and tesco are all a pass for me.


Smarty are great if most of your data usage is wifi… I only pay about £5 a month for it.

They don’t (yet,) have EU roaming although it’s planned for the next few months.


I’ve recently joined 3 and I think it’s great. They have some really good offers, too.

Their network isn’t as fast in pure numbers as EE but it’s never ‘slow’ to use and I’ve never had an issue watching videos or anything like that.

Giffgaff I found to be particularly slow and unusable, I tried out one of their MBB sims recently


No matter which plan you choose make sure you don’t sign up for 12-month contracts. Use the 30-day rolling ones, that way if the provider turns awful or tries to screw you over you can just leave. :+1:

As far as speed is concerned, EE is the best in London from experience, and supports latest features like VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling. I wouldn’t recommend O2 for anything as they can’t even do SMS over VoLTE/Wi-Fi, which is a joke in 2018. No idea about Vodafone as I haven’t tried them personally.


I’m on 3. No complaints, really. They are cheap, but speed is not spectacular. Also, there’s no 4g roaming, it’s only 3G.

Customer support has been fine when I’ve needed it. They increased prices recently, but kept mine the same (£12 for 4GB and unlimited calls and texts).

The important thing to bear in mind is that all networks have not spots, so make sure the one you choose works where you want it to work.

They didn’t offer roaming when I checked them out a few weeks ago, but they’re certainly value for money.

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Wow thanks guys that’s all awesome infos!

Keep them coming, the more feedback the better!

Anyone dealt with ID Mobile at all?

Virgin is offering a mad plan at £12 for 6G which is grand!

I’m on Three, I pay £12 for 12GB.

If you want speed and a decent signal though don’t bother lol


How are you getting this for £13?

I got it in a sale because EE was renewing their sim-only plan range. I then had 20% off on top with a discount code from my employer.

I got both 3 and PlusNet. For me, personally, PlusNet is actually somewhat better in terms of 4G speed and reliability. They are cheaper, but have some annoying limitations (most annoyingly you can’t turn off voicemail properly, and you can’t send texts to short numbers), which is why as such I’d still prefer 3, all in all…

I’m on Three, like the others have mentioned it may not be as fast but in London I don’t think you will ever be anywhere that has awful data (a struggle in smaller cities). I love it for travel and I use it as normal in my home country too so I see no reason to switch. I pay £10 for 8GB, and it’s not a 12 month contract so I can cancel anytime. And the customer service is absolutely amazing. Whenever something is wrong they’re always really eager to help or if you’re inconvenienced they’ll give you credits to tide you through.

I vote for Giffgaff, and EU roaming is included in their “goody bags”

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I have massive discounts on my EE plans through my old work that are still applied on the account, but as soon as those are done I’ll be switching back to a Sim-Only plan with Three.


I’m also on Three. I get the usual unlimited texts & minutes, unlimited Netflix and Snapchat and 30GB data. It’s an Advanced Plan so I can use it in most countries without an extra charge. £16 per month.


I’ve had both.
It’ll be like wading through treacle in comparison.

Oh really? In that case I may stay with EE!