Unauthorised Transactions wait time is appalling

Hey, I reported unauthorised transactions on my account Saturday 9th November. Its said to have been escalated, I’ve been asked a number of questions which I have answered in full by 2-3 different members of staff. Noone is replying in chat, the replies to email are slow and noone answers the phone.
FCA states a refund should be made by the end of the working day after bringing this to the banks attention which would have been Monday/Tuesday at the latest. There should be no delays with the refund whilst investigating takes place. Monzo are not following the FCA rules and I am extremely concerned. Its not great that I’m not able to carry on an email conversation with one person and then it goes to someone else and I am being asked the same questions. Its causing unnecessary delay and I need it resolving now Monzo. I’ve been a customer since 2017 just please look after me


Unfortunately nobody on the community can help

Sometimes it takes longer to investigate

** Unless they suspect it to be fraudulent

I hope they conclude their investigation soon and it wont take much longer :crossed_fingers:


I understand it does take time but FCA rules state there should be no delay with the refund in unauthorised transaction cases. If they kept to the rules then I would be fine to wait. I appreciate your reply though :slight_smile:

and goes on to state in the same paragraph you quote - and Im not saying you have acted fraudulently as I know nothing about the circumstances of the transaction :slight_smile:

“In most cases the bank must refund the payment without undue delay and by the end of the business day following the day on which it became aware of the problem, unless it has reasonable grounds for suspecting that you have acted fraudulently.”


It’s not great customer service from any bank that does this.

I know thats why I left that out because its not relevant in my case haha. But I found out what the issue was and its now in the hands of the correct department

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That’s right yes, however in cases where the bank suspect something fraudulent may have happened and have referred the case to the National Crime Agency then they’re tied legally with any communication they can have with the customer.

It’s difficult for us here on the forum to come to any conclusion without knowing the facts.

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I know, I’m just irate to be honest but I can’t fault them too much, everything was great up till the introduction of the new app and they have had a massive influx of new customers which has overwhelmed them. I understand they are busy but they need to avoid making mistakes and also prioritise certain things. They may just need to get on a recruitment run to get more staff or while they are waiting for more staff they could have outsourced Chat or the Telephone lines to help with the overflow

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I know you are all under alot of pressure with the influx of new customers and are trying your best but I really do need help. I reported these transactions last Saturday, for some reason it was sent to disputes and chargebacks which was incorrect. I was advised yesterday that it was sent to the correct department early yesterday afternoon and that they would contact me within 24hrs as they work 24/7. Unfortunately no one has contacted me and I am getting quite frustrated. The refund should have been issued on Tuesday at the latest and now its way past the time given by the FCA. I’m trying not to get too stressed about it but if the refund was issued like it was meant to be and then there was a delay as a customer I would be patient.
I have really enjoyed being a customer these last few years and I love the fact you want to rival the big banks. Just please help me out, I’ve been extremely patient and all a customer wants to see is there money back. Thanks for reading my slight rant. I did post in another topic but I was told no staff members post in there. I have literally tried everythin, in-app chat, email and phone call. You can understand my frustration that this issue was only sent to the right team 6 days after reporting. Thanks


There’s nothing we can really do here on the forum,

Hopefully you get sorted quickly now that it’s gone to the right department, but the FCA timeline is for when it’s clear on what’s happened, sometimes they need to get info off the company where the money went to before they can move forward.

with any investigation with fraud that can take time in some cases, can’t really rush things because that won’t help, we don’t know what they do behind the scene, and it could be depending on the amount why they taking long

I understand it takes time, but unless they tell you that they can’t refund you they must give you an immediate refund by the latest end of the next working day. I’ve not been told that they are not giving a refund, this was raised over a week ago.
I’ve had an unauthorised transaction issue with a legacy bank before, they ask you questions on the same day the issue is raised, you are then told if you are getting refunded or not and then it gets investigated, this is all within the space of 1 phone call and the investigation takes as long as it requires. But the refund cannot be delayed, thats the point I am trying to make

yeah I get that, I had an issue with unauthorized payments and the legacy bank refunded the money straight away pending the investigation, Monzo seems to be taking another approach by not giving the money back until they finish their investigation

All I’m trying to do is get the attention of s COp who can get this chased up. I’m afraid I can’t agree with you on your reply but I do appreciate it. What would tend to happen is you report it, they would ask questions but they are not allowed to delay the refund whilst they wait for the answers. I’ve already answered questions, if there was to be no refund then they have to tell me but don’t have to explain why. None of the above has been done so there has been alot of undue delay which they have to take responsibility for

The forum isn’t for support queries, contact monzo directly

I already have numerous times, at least I am getting replies on here, might not be from staff but at least there are replies, its just a good way to rant a little bit

I’ve merged both you topics on this together

I posted in the Help category because it says ‘Need support? Try the in-app chat first. Post here if you’ve still got questions or bugs to report.’ So thats what I did, I needed to speak to a COp as I have questions. So just wondering why its been moved/merged?

Because it’s about something you had already started a thread about

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