How long does Fraud investigation take?

I’ve been a victim of debit card fraud which is currently being investigated by Monzo.

I’m finding there is a lack of communication after reporting it on Monday (29th May). I had my phone stolen at the same time which has left me with my email being the only viable communication.

Just wanting to know should I be waiting this long for an investigation? Should the communication be more frequent? What more can I do to speed up the investigation?



The bank must react within 24 hours, but an investigation can take weeks.

Depends on the complexity, and whether it was fraud or actually a scam (fraud they take money without consent, scam you send/pay money).

It’s not even been a week yet so probs give it another 14 days and chase it up.

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If there’s nothing to say, they won’t message you for the sake of it.

Email is going to be slower too. When will you have another phone?

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I’d certainly look at getting a new phone, even a very cheap temporary replacement. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be without one, nevermind for your banking.

If you still have access to your email you can then get back into the Monzo app, manage all of your finances and utilise the chat feature within. This is by far the quickest and best way of communicating with Monzo.

Once reported they have until the end of the next business day to either refund you, or give you a reason they are unable to refund. This is the FCA deadline.

As that deadline has been exceeded you can raise a complaint.

Appreciate the response. Just wanted some understanding of their timeline as I was struggling to find anything

I had responded to an email with some questions of my own over 24 hours ago. I would have expected an response much sooner considering they offered to answer any further questions.

I will have a phone on Sunday

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unfortunately, i’m not in a financial position to get a new phone due to what’s happened. I’ve managed to borrow one but, I won’t receive that till Sunday.

I have access to my email. My laptop doesn’t support the app feature which means I only have access to the website (which has no chat function).

Thank you for providing that info. I’ll follow this up.

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Via email I wouldn’t expect responses that quick.

Their primary method of support is via chat in app and this is where they direct you for all customer enquiries. Through the app they can see a lot of detail without needing to ask and can verify you’re the account owner to name a few - thus resulting in quicker responses and resolutions (in most situations).

While frustrating, all you can do is wait unfortunately. I imagine the only reply you’ll get is that they’re still investigating and can’t share any further detail, so it’s unlikely you’re missing out on anything. As others pointed out in the discussion earlier, it takes some time for these reports to be fully investigated by all parties involved, so you’ll only hear back when they’ve concluded or need more information.

Great news about getting a replacement phone so quick though. Sunday isn’t far away so you’ll be back up and running in no time :slight_smile:

Hi, I try to make a post about the scam I have been victim , Monzo refused to update me or give me a dateline … I don’t know what can I do ?

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You wait. That’s all you can do.

Then take them to the ombudsman.


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