Unauthorised transaction challenge

There had been a fraudulent transaction of £400+ on my card! I contact online help and was told the most disgusting response of “ claim in regards to the Yuayeastore £396.95 transaction.
Unfortunately, after thorough investigation, we’re unable to treat these transactions as fraudulent and as such, we won’t be able to reimburse you for these charges.
This decision is based on all of the information we have regarding your account history; as well as the account activity displayed surrounding these transactions. Based on this, we do not believe these transactions were authorised by a third party.”

I then went on to ask how they came to that decision when I’ve never spent 400£ on my account let alone to a foreign site! And was told that’s there decision and that’s that!!!

Absolutely crazy! How can one I’ve never made a transaction of that size! 2 it’s a foreign site! Im
So shocked and I have now been ignored once I’ve asked how I can dispute this! And asked for a more detail response of how on earth my banking history states it’s not fraud!!!

Please help!!

I’m afraid this is a forum for discussing all things Monzo, it isn’t an alternative avenue for help in situations like this. Your only recourse is to contact Monzo directly via the usual channels.

Monzo staff will not discuss personal account issues here.