Monzo not reimbursing fraudulent activity

Hi I noticed a card transaction on my account on Saturday that I hadn’t made and reported it immediately.
This is now Tuesday and they are saying they do not recognise it as a fraudulent transaction and will not be reimbursing me.
I have tried to contact the relevant retailer (dominoes) and they just advised I had to go back to my bank!
It’s only a small amount of c£23 but that’s not the point. I am on benefits due to sick leave for mental health issues and this is causing me a great deal of additional stress.

Whilst we can’t help because we are customers, why do you think it is fraudulent? Did you order dominoes at all? Or is it the amount that is wrong? Double charge?

has your card been lost/stolen? usually they don’t cover anything before it was reported lost/stolen, or was it a online transaction

This bears restating:

Although we could ask questions to try and establish more about your situation, any such questions (and your answers) wouldn’t really matter; we’re customers, we can’t help you.

All I can say is - Monzo can see a lot of information about how the transaction was approved. And if it was a transaction that needed to be approved by PIN, or by 3D Secure in the app, that’s why they can reasonably be sure it was acutally ‘you’. Or if it was Apple Pay/Google Pay from your phone, again they can reasonably be sure it was ‘you’.

Does anyone else has access to your card and knows your PIN? This is another situation where as far as Monzo would be concerned, it’s ‘you’ paying out (no-one else should ever know your PIN).

Your next step, if you believe you’ve been treated unfairly, would be to make a formal complaint to Monzo. Lay out the issue, that you believe you’ve been defrauded, that you haven’t been treated fairly, and ask that they investigate fully and provide you as full an explanation as possible.

But as far as this community is concerned?


Every-time I’ve used Domino’s to order food, the website has (without fail) always directed me to the Monzo app to verify the transaction.

Has anyone ever ordered Domino’s and the verification redirect mechanism has not happened?


I have also had to approve every dominoes transaction in-app with my PIN

Thanks for all your comments.
The card was still in my possession and I have never given anyone my card details or PIN number.

This is the information Monzo have provided which doesn’t mean very much to me:

•	Merchant name: Dominos Pizza 28506
•	Amount: -£23.84
•	Transaction date: Jul 4, 2020 10:13 PM
•	Authorisation code: 624242
•	RRN: 000000006126
•	ARD: 05272460187910001152215

I never received the authorisation message or anything

I understand you’re customers but I wondered if anyone had experienced a similar problem and what advice they might able to offer.

I’ve never used Dominos in my life!

As already stated, the forum is generally full of customers and any staff who do appear won’t discuss personal account issues with anyone because that would be unprofessional and inappropriate.

We’re good at speculating but that’s generally intrusive and unhelpful so we try not to. Ultimately, we can’t see what Monzo can see so you’re best off dealing with them directly through the app.