Unable to verify my account

I tried with my ID and driving license to verify my account but they rejected me, what should I do.

We’re all customers so we can’t help you with this.

You can try contacting Monzo to see what they say but usually their decision is final, and so if you’ve been rejected you won’t be able to open account.

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As above it it’s rejected then they don’t want you for whatever reason, that they don’t have to tell you why either.

No other option but to move on and try elsewhere

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I need one like monzo because I’m not resident in uk

So it is not possible to open again, or should i contact them via email

You have to be resident in the UK (or have a UK address) to register. This will be why you’ve been declined.


And it becomes clear, you’ll not get one then as per the terms & conditions of the account

Do you have a UK address?

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I only have a uk address

Yes i have

Must be a different reason they’ve turned you down then as part the criteria is having a UK address. You’ll just have to try a different bank, they’ve said no you’ll not really get an explanation as to why you’ve got that answer usually either

Thanks for answering
I have tried monese too, can you suggest me any bank like monzo and monese ?

HSBC or Barclays.

Starling if you’re after a digital only bank.

I’m not sure what the rules are after Brexit though, you may find any accounts you hold eventually get shut down if you’re not resident in the UK. May be worth checking that out when you start applying as you don’t want to be in a situation where you can’t access any money straight away.

You know what?

It’d save a lot of folk a lot of time and effort if, when signing into this forum (or even before signing up to it), there were to be an unavoidable, crystal clear, absolutely unequivocal message which explains, in words of one syllable, the very fact that gets repeated multiple times daily (it seems).

(Wouldn’t work though, would it? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)


This forum is very good at showing you previous threads that are very similar to the one you’re creating. And people ignore it every single day.

They don’t want the answer to the question, they want someone to answer their question.