Opening a Monzo account

A friend is moving to the UK from Germany and has signed a place in the UK to rent.

He was rejected from signing up to a Monzo account and was curious if anyone can think why?

He put the UK address in to deliver the card to

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Possibly the lack of history on them, rather than the address, perhaps?

Have they been resident in the UK before?

I’d suggest they just ask Monzo why. All you’re going to get on here is lots of guesses which won’t really help.

At least if you’re told definitely the issue is X, you can hopefully resolve it.


if they was rejected a account monzo would not say why if you asked them and no bank would say why they rejected you an account, if they was eligible for an account then it would say they needed more information before moving on

From reading on here it is my understanding that there are different types of error messages and such. So if there is another application in process for example.

I’m sure they’ll be able to offer some guidance as to why :slight_smile:

Was a none description rejection pop up and they have emailed Monzo but was curious if anyone was aware of any obvious reasons in sign up for example.

Monzo could have blocklisted the address due to previous fraud , more likely if it’s an HMO.

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I remember that I had to hand in quite a few docs when I signed up with Monzo in November last year.
Like utility bill and council tax. Not 100% sure but think electoral role as well.
I was new to the UK too.

Their instructions were pretty straight forward.
I recall contacting them once on the phone.

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