Account can't open

Why monzo didn’t offer me account? i am a student

Don’t know and they won’t tell you

Just open an account with a different bank


As it says, they won’t tell you why. Anything we say is just guesswork. Suggest you find a different bank.

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They don’t want you as a customer and don’t have to accept you either.

Sadly you’ll just have to move on and apply at another bank :disappointed_relieved:

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Once you’ll get registered at Elector Roll, can try to apply again, if you want :grin::+1:

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The ZongCM as your phone carrier makes CMPak makes me think you’re not British.

Because you’re not British you might not have any credit history or even on the electoral roll and since you’re not a permanent resident to the uk and just temp that’ll be why.

I mean, a lot of assumptions being made there. Whilst you could be correct; not being British does not mean that there is no credit score history, nor a lack of permanent residency

Indeed, which is why @AlanDoe should probably lock this thread now.


:wave: Hey Muhammad,

Before I begin this is from my own knowledge and experience and may or may not be helpful in your situation. You should look for another bank that will take you on if you have any sort of risky or fraudulent past.

This happened to my cousin. He has never had a bank account, nor any credit history in the UK and got rejected for the same reason. He was able to reapply and open a full Monzo account once he built some proper credit. All banks usually need to perform credit checks, especially ones like Monzo since they do not have branches to see you directly as well as your ID. You may have got rejected for a reason or because you lack a credit history in the UK.

If you do not have enough or any credit history in the UK, you should try to register on the electoral roll as this can boost your score up enough to start building proper credit. You can also sign up for services such as Bits and Portify which aims to help build credit.

Usually, this can take between 3 - 6 months but can take up to 12 months in rare cases. Once you have built some kind of history, ensure you have some valid ID, and try to open a Monzo account again by contacting Monzo to inform them to check if this was a mistake here: Do not attempt to open an account if you have a risky credit file as this will lead to the same result.

Just because you’re a student, doesn’t mean a credit file hasn’t been made. I couldn’t see my credit file until I was 18 but I started to build credit from 16 when I registered on the electoral roll. So keep this in mind.

Again, this is advice. You’ll need to contact Monzo directly if you feel this was a mistake. The community cannot help. Especially if you already have some kind of credit history in which Monzo checked when you were opening your account.

NOTE: If you are NOT BRITISH or a permanent resident you will most likely be rejected.

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@phineas @HoldenCarver another one agrees with me. If you’ve just entered the uk ( therefore making you non British) it’s hard to give you a bank account that isn’t designed for internal students who don’t have a fixed uk address or British ID and combined with not having enough on the credit file since you’ve just entered the UK it’s hard to find accounts especially due to regulations.

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Closing this thread now as question has been answered.

Thanks everyone!