New iPhone - identity verification loop

Issue: So I got a new replacement iPhone. In the Apple Store as I wasn’t sure how long the repair would take, I logged into the Monzo app on my work phone. While I was setting it up, the Apple Store just replaced my phone for a new one. When I got home, I logged into the Monzo app on the new iPhone. Now I’m stuck in a verification loop :cry:
I record the video and it gets approved then a few moments later another banner says I need to verify my identity. I’ve recorded the video about 10 times (not even joking :sob: ).
Started a chat to support but while I was waiting for them to get back, I called into Monzo. Don’t! The IVA is :poop: says the same thing several times then if you press the wrong option it hangs up :scream:

TLDR: logged into Monzo on 2 iPhones in quick succession. Now stuck on an identity verification loop
OS: iOS 16
Device: iPhone
App Version: 4.41.0 (App Store release)



Have you logged out of the work phone fully? You can only use on one device of same operating system.

Try logging out all devices, and then log in solely on the device you want to use.

I thought verification for a new phone was just via email? Never done a video for just logging in!


My assumption was that two new devices in a few minutes prompted some form of additional validation.

Yep… but logging into a new iOS device will automatically log you out of the older iOS device

As @Peter_G says I think I triggered something :cry: when I logged in within the space of an hour with 2 different IPs and devices. Although the last login (on the new phone) is my normal home IP and thats were I’m having issues…

The video you record is you saying

My name is XYZ and I’m a Monzo customer


Log in on an :android: device to get you in? You can be logged into :monzo: with iOS and :android: at the same time.

It may ease the frustration, resolve the matter and make you fall in :heart: with the superior platform…

To be serious, MrsW recently typed the wrong PIN into the app several times and got locked out (long story) - she also had to submit a video to compare with the previously (initial application video) to prove her identity. It worked as expected, got access back in less than an hour.

PS> I regularly log in from a multitude of IP’s and devices - especially Tuesdays-Thursdays :wink: on the same platform - and have never experienced an issue switching between them all. Superior platform tho. :wink::wink:


I don’t think its the platform tbh… As the banner item clears when I complete the video… just a few moments later its back again… Something at Monzo is pushing it back down again

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Although I’ve just tried it again and its not coming back!!! Was it lucky 11 (no idea how many I’ve actually done :frowning: )

edit: Nope spoke too soon, its back :frowning:

Is there any chance you can try an Android device to attempt to login to your :monzo: account?

So I get a different message saying to complete the verification on the other device. .

I’ve logged back into the work iPhone and completed verification on there and its still coming back :sob:

Ugh. Not good. I’m sensing an interaction with chat is needed - looks like you’ve triggered a possible fraudulent login?

You’d need to hold out until the ID team pick this up and resolve it for you, try avoid logging in and out of devices again.

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what ever :scream:

Yeah I’ll wait :frowning: Roberto already sent my chat to another team… I’m just impatient

Update… chatted with 4 people and still not fixed. Off to another ‘specialist‘

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Final update… (maybe?): Seems to be fixed now… 4th time being forced logged out, logging in and not being asked…

Their response as to why it happened doesn’t tally up with what actually happened… but any who