Unable to unblock payee


I really need some help with an issue. I’ve been passed around by at least 5 support members over the last 3 days and no resolution.

My issue: I accidentally blocked and removed the wrong payee from my personal in thinking it’s someone I don’t need. Once I realised the mistake, I re-added them as a payee again, but now they are coming up as a “normal bank” account member vs. a Monzo account member.

I don’t have the option to unblock, we now both can’t split bills and or request money from each other.

Please help :face_holding_back_tears:

Are they still in your contacts on your phone?

Yes, same name/spelling and everything :confused:

If support aren’t helping I would try turning off payments with friends on android open settings> privacy and security> profile privacy and turn everything off, uninstall the app and reinstall it, sign in and enable those settings and give the app permission to see your contacts, that should definitely force it to resync, it may not fix it but worth a try if support are running around.