A payee not in Monzo contacts is added when selecting a known Monzo contact from list

Select one particular contact to set as a payee results in a completely different contact being displayed in the next page.

Details to reproduce:
Have allowed Monzo access to contacts and it finds several existing Monzo customers.

I select the one I want to add as a payee from “Contacts On Monzo”. The name and the profile pic is as I would expect.

I am then taken to the “Move Money Via Monzo” page. The name of the contact is not the one I selected and isn’t a contact I recognize or find in my list.

OS: iOS 15.6
Device: iphoneX
App Version: 4.35.0


Just to let you know, you’ve redacted all the names except for one (it’s on the bottom of the second image, under “Add to Payees”)


Could your second screenshot be their legal name?

Alternatively are you sure the number you have for them is their up to date one?

Thanks for this! Wasn’t quite the answer but led me in the correct direction. The payee I was trying to add from my contacts had 2 numbers, a personal and a work number. The work phone was inherited from a pervious employee and the number retained. This previous employee had opened a Monzo account using this number. So Monzo was rightly matching the work number in my contact to the Monzo account, even though they are actually different people.

We have managed to get into contact with this person who has changed their number with Monzo, and all is now good.

Thanks for your help!