A way to block payees

My suggestion is simple a way to block a payee from sending you money.

Support staff can block a payee from sending you money if you contact them however why not make it so anyone can do it themselves through the app. I have known people to be in a situation where they have blocked somebody on everything and that person will transfer them £0.01, using the notes as a form to contact them.

Let’s make it simple, you can delete a payee why can’t you block them? If the support staff can do it surely its easy to implement. It could simply sit with the delete payee button.

Do they really block transfers between certain individuals?

I assumed they just terminated their accounts completely.

Support can definitely block payments from people.
I’ve just done it myself.

They can block people specifically.

Monzo can’t terminate someones account if they bank with Lloyds and are sending messages through transfers, so they would have to block them from sending transfers to your account.

I’ve not come across either scenario whether a Monzo or other bank harassing another, but there is a process for this.

Don’t think it’s a very common issue, and if they are being harassed they can raise this with us directly.

Makes it easier to handle if both are Monzo accounts, but if external, a block would most likely be the general outcome.

May be a silly question but what happens to these funds that are transferred as part a payment when a block is enforced, do they just bounce back to the sender?


They aren’t held hostage.