Unable to transfer money to Monzo from abroad

Since that was not resolved in a week and I couldn’t find a topic on that issue on the forum, opening one myself.

The issue is I am unable to transfer money from my Russian bank account. It used to work with no problems before, I used to do Card2Card transfer from my Russian card to Monzo (paying extra charges, but that seems to be the most efficient way, since TransferWise cannot send RUB to GBP). However a week ago transaction was declined. I contacted the Russian bank first and they said that the transaction was declined by the receiving bank (Monzo). When I contacted Monzo they replied with “Unfortunately, some kinds of payment aren’t working right now, including the one you’ve tried to make”. Not really detailed, and the issue seems to be still not resolved. A friend of mine also reported the same issue with transfering from Russian bank account (different bank).

Since I cannot transfer money, I have to use my Russian card, which is not really cool (exchange rates and stuff)

Does anyone else experience similar issues right now? Any estimate time for this issue to be resolved?

In Monzos defence if something isn’t working then there isn’t much more details that can be given without going mega technical which won’t help.

Did you ask them for a time frame to fix this? Unfortunately nobody on here will know so you’re best asking in app :blush:

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There are many reasons why a card transaction could fail, and some of them are the sending bank’s fault. A problem as simple as an incorrect postcode could cause the card-issuer to reject the transaction.

Have you tried a bank transfer? Use an IBAN generator and try that way. It worked for me (from a different country that I didn’t expect it to be successful from).

an incorrect postcode

Well with Card2Card the only variable I control is card number.

Have you tried a bank transfer? Use an IBAN generator

I might give it a shot, although bank transfers from that bank to the UK take really long time and are quite costly.

2Ordog, yes I have contacted the support twice and got quite a generic reply with not many details. Therefore I posted here in case someone else experiences similar issues at the moment