International bank transfers

Monzo sucks it’s been 6 to 7 days and Monzo haven’t made the transfer and the money was sent, when I call them about I told em the reference number but until today nothing has arrived and I keep on calling them they keep giving me the same issue saying that The PAYMENT TEAM IS LOOKING TO IT. I am hating this bank so far if they don’t locate the payment I have to sue them for this

What service or method did you use to make the transfer?

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Monzo don’t support international transfers directly except through an integration with another company, TransferWise, so what service did you actually request?

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This smells of fake outrage post :thinking:


I have used Monzo to transfer to an Irish bank account and it has transferred fine. I believe international bank transfers are not direct. Think of it as a daisy chain between a number of banks until it reaches the destination bank. It could go through 2, 5, or 10 banks before it reaches its destination depending the country it has been sent to. It is why a lot of banks are working with blockchain companies (like Ripple) to make it more direct in the future.

One part of this phrase could be true. Anyone know which part it is?

So how long did it take for you to get the money?

It was sent via Monzo or to monzo?

If it was sent to Monzo then it can take extra time or just be returned to the sending bank as they don’t support incoming international transfers, which is why there’s no IBAN in your account details page

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When you go through the motions in monzo to send international payments it shows you the transfer wise set up.

Or were you trying to receive an international payment?

the problem is we as forum members , not Monzo staff, have only the details you have given , sometimes sketchy , sometimes filled with all the detail you would know to speak authoritively about your individual problem , without knowing all the details is like groping in the dark for a very small object (?) , the only people which can help is the Monzo staff with all the details in front of them , we can try and help , but we are usually shooting blind only knowing the details you have given.