International payments declined

I don’t know what’s going on, but all my international payments to Monzo card have been getting declined since yesterday… The customer service team are not helpful, they say they are working on it, but do not understand the reason…has anyone got the same problem?

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Sorry to hear you’re having trouble :eyes: The way I’ve understood this post is that you are facing this issue with incoming international payments (as opposed to outgoing ones)? :slight_smile:

If so, it’s not a fully supported / advised method of receiving an international payment - you’d likely be better off using Transferwise, taking your converted money from there and sticking it into Monzo :sunglasses:

There’s a handy blog post about receiving international payments through Monzo :slight_smile:

If I’ve misunderstood and you’re struggling to pay for things abroad then I’m not sure that the forum will be able to assist :see_no_evil: Monzo’s Customer Support will be the best course of action :blush:


I used to transfer money from my international card to my Monzo card every month. And now I cannot, because all the payments get declined… The customer service team say they do not know the reason…
The unreliable payments are not the best option for me. Don’t know what to do…



I’m afraid it sounds like you’ve been rather lucky in the past. This sort of transfer has never been ‘officially’ supported by Monzo and so isn’t guaranteed to work. (Some international transfer mechanisms definitely won’t work while others might work depending on a number of outside factors is, I believe, the official line.)

You don’t really have many options at the moment other than finding another service to use for international transfers.

I see, thank you.
I used to transfer from visa to visa, thought it was safe…
The Transferwise does not support the currency of my international bank…
Or maybe I don’t quite understand how it works…

Which currency are you trying to use? :slight_smile:

In the UK I obviously need pounds. But the country of my international card is Kazakhstan, not in the list of Transferwise supported countries, even though I have a multy-currency card and can send money either in USD or in EUR.

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