Unable to pay into my Monzo.me account

I don’t think it’s even EU, as I’ve had people in the past fail to use non-uk cards.

@Jtzuma your card won’t be supported by Monzo, and they won’t be looking to enable that support. You’re best off using something like Transferwise (or similar) to transfer directly from your account.

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Try using a curve card attached to your original card

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There’s also a limit of £500 per card, per month AFAIK.

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Interesting! Would be nice to have that limit documented in app. One of the things I like about Monzo is how all the limits are just there in app for you, along with how much of the limit you have left for the month. It’s really nice.

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It’s on the original blog launch - https://monzo.com/blog/2018/02/12/monzo-me/

The maximum you can pay through Monzo.me is £100 (and the minimum is £1!) In a 30-day rolling period, you can’t receive more than £1,000 through Monzo.me or send more than £500 from a single debit card. To see these limits at any time in your app, just go to your Account tab and tap on Settings.

So I’m not sure why the card limit doesn’t show!


Just double checked and there is no mention of the £500 limit per card in app!

It’s an odd omission, but I guess it’s missing because there would no simple way to show the amount remaining.

At least it’s something I can scout my transaction feed in the future if there’s ever an issue with a friend trying to send me some money.


Just transfer it in

Mine shows the remaining amount

Could you share a screenshot please? Don’t have my of my other cards on me right now to test myself.

Here you go (Hope I’ve done it correct it’s my first screenshot)image

The maximum is 100 for me

I can’t see your screenshot unfortunately.

But I think you’re referring to the £100 limit per payment, not the £500 monthly limit per debit card.

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It’s probably an issue of it being the personal information of the sender debit card so not a limit on your account directly.

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I am trying to transfer money from my Nigerian debit card to my Monzo.me account but getting the response"not supported".

This is 2 years old, but Nigeria isn’t on the list.

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Is there a reason you can’t just do a bank transfer?

The reason my US friends and I favour cash app, and my EU ones favour Monzo.me, is so they can pay me back instantly and with no fees, besides very minimal FX fees.

There’s probably no reason you can’t do a bank transfer, but they cost more and are much slower.

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Monzo don’t officially support incoming international transfers.

I’d suggest using a different bank (any bank which offers an IBAN) and then transfer the money from that.

A Starling bank account can be opened in a day, for example.

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Silly question possibly but is there a risk that it could like money laundering if they did that… would it not be better just to get a bank that does support incoming international payments

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Some banks do initially block these services, possibly for AML reasons or potential fraud, even U.K. ones that will know who Monzo are.

My nationwide card didn’t work with Monzo.me last time I tried, but they blocked me from using my card with services like Cash App too. No idea if it works now.

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