link - card not supported?

Hi. I requested money from a friend through my link and she was trying to pay with her overseas Mastercard debit but it didn’t work…error message: card not supported. It’s a normal Mastercard debit, not a credit card. I used this option before to get payments quickly from friends with overseas cards and it worked well…not sure why it’s not working this time. Any ideas? Thanks,

Has your friend double checked they have entered the card details correctly? Each type of card starts with the same numbers so 4 is visa, 5 master card and then the next few numbers is from the bank.

In addition to this check that you’ve not exceeded your limits.

I believe it must be a UK debit card.

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Yes all the details she is entering are correct…I have done this before with debit card from France for example and it worked…

These are the limits I found for

So are any of these a possibility?

Nope. I haven’t used since August so I should well be within those limits…the amount I am asking for is exactly £100.

Not sure then :man_shrugging:

Personally I’d just ask for a bank transfer. I always find to be more hassle than it’s worth.

The biggest hurdle is convincing people to trust it and explaining why it’s there. Even after all that I just get asked “can’t I just do a bank transfer”. Nevermind all the limitations and such, whereas transfers have none.

The problem is she doesnt have a UK bank account. And monzo doesn’t have IBAN to receive money from overseas…

What if you do £99.99?

I think requires the payment card to be UK (or maybe a few other countries?). For money laundering, etc purposes most overseas card payments aren’t allowed for these types of top ups


Tried £99.99 as well - didn’t go through.

Yeah I see if I can do something with Transferwise then…is it really difficult for Monzo to finally have IBAN and accept overseas bank transfers?

According to them they state:

I believe back then the were planning on using Natwest, but have since built their own inhouse systems so I imagine this has added complexity.

My Transferwise app says « sorry you can’t get bank details to receive international GBP payments yet « .

So I am going to get the foreign currency from my friend which I will take to a high street currency exchange to exchange it to GBP and then deposit it into my monzo account using a Pay Point. Easy peasy…and so 19th century… :money_mouth_face:

They could send it to your bank via TransferWise. No need for you to request it

Provided that they’re in a supported country, they need your account number and sort code. They then transfer the funds to TW’s IBAN or make a card payment (in supported countries) and boom, money with you in 2-3 days or instantly if card payment

Not difficult

Have you done this before? i.e. found a shop nearby that will deposit your cash into your account?

That happens because you can’t send GBP to. GBP account using TransferWise. If your friend uses TransferWise (or similar) it should work fine. They just need your sort code and account number.

Edit. Or open a Starling account now, and receive the money by this evening.

@Ordog yes I have done it once or twice before, not recently though as I barely use cash these days

@Anarchist my friend doesn’t use Transferwise or anything similar so I am just gonna get either foreign currency or GBP from her and when I am back in the UK I’ll deposit it.

There’s a list of countries that Monzo support - I think it’s a fairly short list of maybe a few EU countries and the USA and Australia.

I’ll try to find the list.

Edit: Found the list for debit card top-ups (no longer supported) and payments.


@TTJJ this is very useful thanks. So in the EU it’s mostly countries that use the Euro as currency. That explains why my friend couldn’t use her card…

Edit. It’s a bit of a random list. There are Euro countries supported (but not all EU Euro countries) and some non-Euro EU countries (denmark, sweden, (norway)) but not all that don’t use Euro…not sure what Monzo’s policy is on this. Either they support all EU countries, or all EU with Euro and EU with non-Euro…

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