Does accept foreign card payments?

As in title.

For example, if I send a link to someone with Visa/Mastercard debit/credit card but not from the UK, will they be able to pay me? Also, will it make a difference if the card comes from an EU bank account vs account from the rest of the world?

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I would drop the Monzo team an in app chat from the help section and ask them. Should get a response quite quick.

I think I’ll do that then! It was kinda a non urgent question so I thought I’d try here first to see if anyone in the community knows the answer already! I’ll report back what I know in due course! :smile:

This is top ups but I’d imagine the same would apply to but worth verifying


For those who wants to know and some confirmation too, after talking to a staff in the in-app chat, they have confirmed that accepts card from the same list of countries mentioned by @zombi!

Can’t wait to show off this capability to people I know without an English account when they have to pay me for something :wink:


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