Unable to Make Online Payment

Is anyone else not able to make payments online?

There aren’t any issues according to the Status page for the prepaid accounts so online payments should be working normally.

In case we can help explain / solve the issues, could you please share some more details - who the retailer is, any error messages etc?

Thanks alexs

I have had trouble making donations to charity with Monzo.

I’ve moved your post here, to keep all of the details about your issue in one place.

Your last post in this thread was a reply to my post in the other topic which mentioned that 3D Secure isn’t supported for the prepaid cards. Were you asked to complete a payment verification step when your payment failed?

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Has there been an update on this? Or is only available via the current account? M

Update on what’s? This looks to be related to a specific problem making a payment at at the end of August. As we’re now in October and no one else is discussing it, I guess it was fixed.

I got failed notification due to the same reason for Coinbase.com… guess it’s not fixed?


If you’re talking about 3D Secure then I’ve seen nothing to suggest that that’s supported yet. There’s a whole thread about it elsewhere. It’s not something that needs ‘fixing’ however, it’s something that doesn’t exist yet.

Thanks @Feathers Kl kl. My other question was, is this available for the account as can wait?

Not yet. I think it’s on the roadmap but I don’t know how far away it is.

Card declined reporting Confirms this won’t be an issue with the account however don’t have one to confirm! :grimacing:

Hi guys,

I haven’t been able to make an online payment since I got my card. It does work when I purchase anything on the street or when I withdraw money, but it does not work for online payments. I have tried to buy a few stuff on Ebay (Spain) and the payment is always declined. The message is: ‘We are sorry but your payment has not been able to be processed. You have three options: Check the details of your card and check the address/Call your card provider. They may have blocked your card/Choose a different way of payment’.

Any explanation to why this is happening?

your probably best to contact Monzo directly rather than ask the question on the public forum hoping that somebody at Monzo will pick it up - try emailing them with some details help@monzo.com they will have access to your account to look into the problem

Thanks for your reply, iansilversides. I will do so then.

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