New card - but online payments don't work

I’ve recently had a new card (as my old one will expire in December). I’ve activated my new card, and have subsequently tried to make a couple of online purchases. In both cases, the payment’s been declined without any explanation provided.

These are both retailers that I’ve used regularly in the past and was able to pay online with my old Monzo card.

Could this be because my old card hasn’t expired yet? Does anyone have any other bright ideas as to what might be causing this issue? I’m really hoping I’m wrong because I’ve destroyed my old card :woozy_face:

What does it say on the feed in the Monzo app? Does it tell you have a declined transaction there, or does it not even get that far?

Nothing there at all.

Stupid question alert - You’ve definitely registered the new card?

Mmmmmmmmm that’s interesting. I had already activated my card when I first got it (a couple of weeks ago) but just went back into the app to see if I could confirm that somewhere. I’ve just found an “Activate your card” button - I’ve tried pressing that, entering the details, and then it gives me a “Problem - Sorry, we weren’t able to activate your replacement card at this time” error message. Presumably because this card is already active?

The activate your card button wouldn’t show if there wasn’t a card to activate.

My guess is that you left it too long to activate and Monzo have sent you a new one (presuming it got lost in the post) which should be arriving soon. This is why you’re getting the error because it’s expecting the newer card.

Probably best to double check with support in app though.

Thanks - yes, I’ll check with them. Pretty odd, though, as I activated it as soon as I received it which was less than a week after I got the alert saying that my new card was on its way. Thanks for your help, everyone!

I’m not sure where it would be exactly, but somewhere in settings should be an option called ‘my card order’ or similar, can you find it and what does it say?

Steps are in the below help article :slight_smile:

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