eBay/ PayPal

(susan Thompson) #1

I’ve topped up my monzo prepaid card for Christmas shopping. I’ve attempted to purchase an item off eBay but my card was declined. Also tried to change paypal account but card not accepted. I’ve paid for the item from my debit card hoping that i could transfer money from the monzo card. Will i now need to withdraw cash to pay back into my bank account?

(Hugh) #2

Hey @Smeegle1!

Sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble :frowning:

Have you reached out to COPs to see why your card was declined?

(Max Walker) #3

I’d suggest using contacting customer operations within the app to see what they can do for you.

Hopefully, they’ll be able to identify why Paypal might have refused and refund back to your bank account without visiting a cash machine if that’s ultimately what is needed.

Best of luck with it :slight_smile:

(susan Thompson) #4

I contacted PayPal but just got an automated message telling me how to add a card. I added the card but was declined.

(susan Thompson) #5

Thank you. I’ll try this.

(Hugh) #6

Sure, but as @maxjwalker suggests, contact Monzo COps (customer operations) either through the app or at hello@monzo.com and they’ll be able to help you out :slight_smile:

(Max Walker) #7

Just thought I’d let you know that you aren’t alone (I knew I’d seen this problem before), PayPal is a bit picky when it comes to adding the prepaid card. Here is a link to the previous topic on this, maybe it will help if COPs can’t see a problem at their end.

Just to summarise some of the issues there, some were due to an incorrect address, others were due to PayPal not accepting the prepaid card as the sole payment method in your PayPal account (because it’s a prepaid card). Might be worth checking it out and seeing if any of those causes are the same in your case.

Hope you get it sorted.

(susan Thompson) #8

I contacted the Monzo help team. Very helpful indeed as im now able to make purchases on eBay.
Many thanks for all your helpful comments.

Hi Susan, I’m sorry about the trouble!

Unfortunately, it looks like this may be due to an issue we sometimes see with our third party payment processor failing to register your billing address properly. I’ve just deployed a fix that should resolve it :hammer_and_wrench:

Would you be able to check your address matches the one we have registered for you and try again. Let us know if you run into any further issues though