Trying to make a payment online


I’m trying to book a flight with Thai smile and keep getting this error:-

You are attempting to process this transaction with an unauthenticated credit card (One-Time Password is not validated). Please try again or try an alternate form of payment.

What does that mean?

That is similar to errors shown when a card is not enrolled for MasterCard SecureCode or Verified by Visa

Ah thanks. I assume no work around.

I am not saying that is definately your issue, but it is very very similar to the error I kept getting when using a MasterCard from another bank that was not signed up to SecureCode.

You could always send customer services a message from within your app and see if they can confirm this or not and if they are able to give you any advice.

Good luck!

Thanks. Sent them a message (should of done that first) one of those days.


Hey :wave: I haven’t seen this particular error message before, but I’m guessing they’re referring to 3DS. The prepaid Monzo card doesn’t support 3DS so if a particular merchant requires all card payments to go through 3DS, they will fail any attempts with your Monzo card :disappointed: This is why the Monzo card doesn’t work with Coinbase for instance. Our next generation of cards will work with 3DS and they’ll arrive with the current account :wink:


Tried to use Monzo CA Preview card on PlayStation Store and it looks like it’s requesting 3DS and failing. Do I need to wait for the full CA for 3DS to work or will it take longer than the full CA to appear?

(Managed to buy PlayStation credit from Amazon using Monzo CA preview card and then apply voucher to PlayStation Store, so I have a convoluted workaround)

It’s likely that only newer debit cards will work with 3DS. But we’re yet to ship 3DS on the current account. This may be done until the end of the year, but realistically you should count on it for Q1 2018. The reason for the delay is that it requires a lot of work in conjunction with Mastercard, and then testing/certification with them as well. There’s also other bits of work we need to work on before focusing on 3DS so this is not the highest priority item on our roadmap at the moment.


Thanks for the positive feedback… I love the openness of Monzo in sharing both good things that happen, bad things that happen and what they’re hoping to achieve :sunglasses:

I have a process to achieve the task I need - being able to purchase game :wink:

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Having a Monzo card is like having a Ferrari that only drives on some roads. So although good to look at and discuss, it is extremely frustrating at times.

No 3DSecure and no work around. So have to drive the old Fiat 500 around just so I have something reliable.