Unable to log into app - Magic link doesn't work due to "Server Issues"

Is anyone else having issues with the Servers? I received my card this morning and activated OK. Did a transfer from my previous bank to my Monzo card using a bank transfer and that worked fine.

However, the payments tab on the App doesn’t seem to work, theres no options for direct debit, standing orders or any kind of bank transfer, it only asks me to enable Monzo-Monzo payments… which doesnt work. After clicking the enable payments button, it just freezes for 10 seconds then flashes up a yellow box saying there are server issues, try again in a few mins (tried for over an hour with no luck).

So I decided to reinstall the app, big mistake as i now cannot log in. I put in my email address, receive the email with the “magic link”, click on it and then similar to above, it freezes for 10 or so seconds then pops up an error saying there are server issues.

https://monzo.statuspage.io/ has no issues reported, allegedly updated “less than 1 Minute ago” at time of posting.

I’m using the Android App and have tried on both my WiFi and 4G Connections. Is anyone else experiencing issues?


Reached out to support?

Just as a heads up, if this is for the current account the status page is monzo.statuspage.io

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Yeh, all shows no issues. I’ve emailed help, will see how it goes

I have the same issue, using OnePlus5… Initially the problem was only with Payments with friends and after I’ve reinstalled the app I cannot log in and Monzo shows the same message. I have reached out to support as well, but so far - not a lot of progress.

Good to know I’m not alone with the issue (though I wish neither of us had it)

Monzo are investigating but so far no progress for me.

Additionally through testing, this doesn’t seem to be app related or limited to any device.

I cannot log in to my account on any device, android or iOS.

Just checked on my old (very old) iPhone 4S and it does the same thing. Email arrives, it shows you that it’s logging you in and then the “check your email” screen pops up. So you were indeed correct about the issue being not app-related

A new update to the app has gone out stating it fixed a bug preventing from people logging in.

This has not worked for me, any luck for you?

Yeah, it did. That was a very quick catch from Monzo