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Hi I’ve been trying to log into my app for the past two days, I enter the email and then click the link to log in but each time it tells me there’s no internet connection when there is. I’m having to use monzo web to check my balance which isn’t really all that helpful as its so stripped back. Also I’m aware there are issues in regards to bank transfers, is there a time frame on when this will be fixed as I need access to money that’s been sent to my account.

Hi, I’ve moved your thread to the help section.

Can you try uninstalling and reinstalling the app, that would probably fix the login issue.

About the bank transfers they haven’t given a time frame yet, you can follow updates at

Yes I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled twice and it’s still giving me the same message. I can’t understand what happened as I was logged in and everything was fine

  1. Just double check that the email is definitely the original email you signed up with

  2. Try logging on with different wi-fi or using 3G?

  3. Email as well

Yeah email have your device and software details ready because that would help them.

It was a bit of a problem some time ago but they apparently fixed it ,

Are you using a vpn or public WiFi (a sign in WiFi)

(You might want to remove your email address from that screenshot)

It’s definitely the email I created the account with and have also tried different Wi-Fi and 3g

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I would drop Monzo an email then or there is a number on the card you can ring as well

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If possible let us know what the issue was , so we can help other people.

I’ve just downloaded it onto my brothers phone and its let me log in straight away so possibly an issue with my phone. I don’t know why though.

There was an issue with some Samsung phones and also with android 7 (nougat) ,

Support should be able to fix it, and hopefully you’ll be able to login on your phone again.

At least you know what the issue is. Email Monzo and I am sure they can look into it for you

Do you have enough storage/memory on your phone? “No internet connection” doesn’t sound like that, but my partner is always getting me to “fix” her phone and you’d be surprised how many things can go wrong with a phone when it is crammed full of videos :grin:

If not then :thinking: factory reset the phone perhaps? (Then

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