Unable to log in to web desktop

I have entered my email address and received the ‘magic link’ via email, but when I click it;

“Couldn’t log you in to Monzo web”

I’m using correct email address and safari browser.

Working fine for me

Have you used your app in the last 90 days?

I’m trying to log in to desktop version

Yes I know but due to sca you need to have used your app in the last 90 days

Yes use it every day

I was using safari as well :thinking:

Start an in app chat to see if there’s anything they can think of

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Called support, apparently Monzo use a couple of email providers to send out links.
Support switched to other one and all seems to be working.
I suspected something had changed as the magic link was going to my junk folder, where I was previously receiving ok in inbox.