Login email link not working

I can’t log into the app on my phone as when you send me the email, the link is broken and just takes me back to the app but not logging in

Which email service/app are you using? It could be that your email service is mangling the links (for “security”) and that doesn’t play nice with Monzo.

I’m on iphone ios version 10.3.3 and I’m using the phone normal mail app.

It’s worked before.

I can see that there is a space in the link under the button so it’s only using the first section of the link when I click and leaving the rest behind.

How odd, have you tried as a short term solution perhaps either using a web interface of whomever your email is from (if one is available) or alternatively forwarding it to perhaps another gmail or msn/hotmail address you might have?

Web interfaces usually work for me.

If that doesn’t work I guess it could be a link problem and not the client


Hi it happened this morning that i was logged out of the app.

Long story short had to use web email (not app) to find monzo email in spam folder (didnt show in app) then had to copy login link url and paste to a fresh browser tab (nothing else worked)

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Thanks so much, forwarding from yahoo to gmail worked for me!

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