Unable to link card to account

I received my Monzo card this morning and have been trying to link it to my account via the app.
When I put my email address in to log in, it says it has sent me an email. I have checked my inbox and spam but no email received. Have tried this several times but still no email. Please advise x

you could try un installing and reinstalling the app - make sure you enter correct email address - email sometimes goes to junk mail ?

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Thanks, sorted it. Reinstalled the app and that worked.


Hi, I have the same issue; I cannot link it, I’ve checked the junk; delete and install the app but I still have no email from Monzo. The last one was Friday saying the card is on its way. Is there a customer service email address that I can send using my email rather than via the Monzo app? Thanks :slight_smile:

do you have your card ? - you say " you cannot link it " the OP was not being able to link their card ? if you already have your card you should get to a screen that says my card has arrived at the bottom of the screen ? can you give a bit more info - or try help@monzo.com or DM Monzo on twitter might be quicker


Yes, I have the card. I have never used it, I have just top up the money. When it arrived I was asked to give my email address via the app so that they can link / validate the card. It says I was sent an email, but I have not received it. Anyway thanks for the address, I will write them.

what does your screen say in the app ?

I received it :). So, I have checked my email on my iphone (where I can see my both gmail and iCloud account) . I have checked the Junk folder but nothing. However I checked it now on my laptop and the Junk folder is full with Monzo emails :slight_smile: ( the iCloud email address; so somehow on my mobile in the junk folder I can see only the spams from my gmail); Happy happy now :grimacing:


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