Magic link issues

I got logged out of my Monzo app tried signing in again but the magic link was sent to my old email address which I don’t have anymore I’ve emailed twice and been trying to call but nothing I think it’s disgusting as I haven’t been able to access my account since Friday :rage: anyone else had similar or know how I can resolve this?

nobody can solve it for you on the public forum- you need to get in touch with Monzo to change your email address linked to your account -I would assume Monzo has blocked your account for AML regulations

Why do you not have access to your old email account ?

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I’ve emailed and called them but nothing?my card is still working I just can’t log into the app?i don’t have access to old email as my email was compromised so had to change it and completely forgot to change it with Monzo do you know any other way I can get hold of Monzo?

sorry I read “couldn’t access my account” to mean you couldn’t use your account , but if you can still use your card - could try twitter

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I’m not on twitter any other ways? If my account was blocked I wouldn’t be able to use the card would I?

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sign up to twitter with your new email address ?

Email them at or call them on 0800 8021 281

Yea my bad sorry I meant as I can’t log in but I have used to card
I don’t have Twitter?

you have asked for an alternative to contact them - Ive given you one - but you don’t want to sign up to try and sort it out - so I can offer you no more help :slight_smile:

Thank goodness there is more then one way to contact them then. That’s really dismissive of you.


I only just saw that I’ll sign up now thank you

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Every time I ring it just says they can’t take the call as lots of calls at the min and hangs up?do you know how long they take to respond to emails as I emailed on Friday?

They have quite a backlog of queries at the moment, as people have been complaining of longer waits then normal. They are onboarding more people at the moment to help with the backlog.

Try sending them another email or as was suggested earlier Twitter might be a good option as well. I’ve just called them and have gotten though so try now.


2 days , that’s a long time,

If you’re still stuck and you can , call them late at night and they should call you back relatively quickly as they aren’t doing call backs to people who called during the day that late at night, and are less busy.


I’ve been told that the team dealing with the app queries are really busy but the team dealing with the phones are less so at the moment.

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I know 2 days is pretty bad eh
What do you mean by call backs as I just get a message saying they are experiencing a high number of calls then hangs up?

Well like I have said above I’ve just called them and have gotten straight through. So if you try now you’ll have more then half a chance of getting through.

I’ll just keep trying thank you

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Please let us know how it works out for you.

I’ve only once called them , and it was around 12am and they called me back after around 40 min, maybe they don’t usually do it unless they have no one calling.

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