Unable to increase transfer limit

I am trying to increase my transfer limit to purchase a car. So far I have had no response from the automated system where I send a video of me requesting it and initially the chat has also been unhelpful and said I’d need to wait until the day of the purchase which isn’t really helpful as the automated in-app system suggested I would find out before then and could request the increase until a specific day?

Now I am getting no response on the chat after being passed to 3/4 different people.

Just trying to buy a car and having quite a tough time of it!

When did you request the increase to kick in? So long as you hear back before then, there’s nothing to worry about. Other people have reported that the increase transfer limit flow works well, and has been widely successful, so you should be okay! :smiley:

Can’t you pay by card?

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Zero protection sending by bank transfer, but I’m sure you know this and accept the risk if anything is wrong with the car.

In terms of the limits, you could try calling monzo but I’m not sure if they can do these tasks over the phone tbh.

Is the money in your account? Not in a pot?

How long have you waited for the automated system? That’s what you need to wait for, going to chat will just complicate things and they’ll either not help or send you back around.