Not able to request transfer limit increase in app

We are needing to transfer funds to our solicitor’s account for a deposit on our house. We need to increase our transfer limit or it will take too long. We have tried clicking get in touch many times but it just gets stuck after we submit the video to confirm identity. We have tried the app chat and have had no one reply yet, after several hours.

We are really really hoping to get some help, especially from a Monzo rep. Again, the issue is that the process is just not working on the app.

Thank you,


Hey There,

Please can you email us at or give us a call to identify whats happening here and implement a fix.

Hi Tom,

Thank you for the quick reply!

My husband has emailed earlier today using the address you provided. His name is Arthur. We also called and we’re on hold for just under 40 minutes before it gave the error that the network was busy and hung up.

He emailed Monzo at 12:28 pm.

Again, thank you!


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Just to note we are mainly customers here, so please don’t post any personal details, it’s a public forum.

You might find this thread helps as you should be able to follow the flow to do this yourself



Im guessing you are referring to where I put my husband’s surname? I can go and delete that. I don’t see any other personal info that is a risk. Thank you for the heads up.

I have already been through the thread you linked but our issue seems to strictly be with the app stalling on the identification video but and no response at all from Monzo customer service chat.

I will reread the thread. Thank you again.


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