3 days and counting since requesting to raise the transfer limit!

Just wanted to rant…

On Monday morning I requested to raise the daily limit from £10k to £13k (a small increase really) to pay off car finance. It’s now Wednesday out of working hours and it still hasn’t been raised. I’ve asked in the chat once a day and I get a reply about it being worked on etc.

Is this usual of Monzo these days? Luckily this isn’t critical to sort but if I had to make an urgent transfer I’d be very anxious about Monzo’s ability to support me.

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Did you do it via chat or the raise limit page? Is the money in your account and not a pot?

For some it’s as smooth as butter, for others it’s as smooth as sandpaper.

The money is in my account. I did it via the automated request and then followed up in chat where I provided evidence. Still waiting today (4 days and counting!) which, honestly, is leaving a bitter taste in my mouth!


For an initial request to raise it, I haven’t heard of it that long - but I have seen stories of others who had their request rejected (even though it’s their money?) so it feels very mixed experience.

If you see the thread Revels shared, even once it’s approved it’s not guaranteed to go smooth (I was one of those impacted by a suspended account AFTER a limit was raised, and then I went to make the pre-approved payment).

As a Monzo Investor and long term customer, this entire process from requesting limit increases to actually make the payments is becoming very very uncomfortable and inconsistent. Starting to think Monzo accounts should only be for Students / Young and once you’ve grown up and have homes, cars, and reasonable income you outgrow the account it seems.

Which from an Investors point of view really annoys me as the entire model of banks is to get people in, then as they grow financially to make more from them as they take out loans, mortgages, investments and savings; yet it seems Monzo does a lot to make you want to go elsewhere once you succeed - not good from a growth perspective and growing margins. It feels like we need Tom back as CEO to be honest…


Did you give a date that you wanted it raised by? Because I’m pretty sure Monzo guarantee it’ll be done for that date - so if you said “hey, I Want it by 30th Jan”, then it’s not a problem, if you said “I want it by 16th Jan” then that’s an issue & you should raise a complaint! :smiley:

I wonder (in some way) if it’s slightly skewed because of your use case of paying off car finance :person_shrugging: Doubt it - but just a difference to most cases probs.

Respectfully, this is a load of nonsense.


Respectfully, completely disagree with you and keep my own opinion based on my own experience and feeling.

Though do appreciate in today’s world, having opinions and sharing your own experiences is nonsense to select few who can’t appreciate different points of view to their own.

No, it is complete nonsense.


I selected the same day for the limit to be increased. And following up in chat should have triggered some urgency from their side.

FWIW in 2021 I requested the limit be raised to £50k and it was pretty smooth - it was done the same day.

I’m not going to lose too much sleep over this, but I’ve been a Monzo customer since 2017 and used them as my single bank account for a good chunk of that. I do not care for a lot of the flashy features of Monzo, I actually have few requirements of my bank - I trust I can get money in and out seamlessly, but Monzo is letting me down massively now.


Strongly disagree with you here, As long as you don’t need support of any kind, it’s great

I meant to reply to this:

Starting to think Monzo accounts should only be for Students / Young and once you’ve grown up and have homes, cars, and reasonable income you outgrow the account it seems.

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Yea, I’m not sure how/why you’re having the issue here. I think (unfortunately) sometimes going outside the process & going into Chat can cause more issues than you’d hope it would. As I believe the limit increases are handled by a different team, vs the chat CoPs team.

(Nothing I’m saying here is laying blame on you, just highlighting issues with support!).

Are you able to start a new limit increase request, or cancel the other one? It might be because in the flow you need to pick what it’s for, and that wasn’t an option? :thinking: Not sure … But the mixed-results of it is frustrating, and I’ve posted about the confidence issue that Monzo are raising as a result of the mixed results people get.

Unhelpfully (sorry!), you may be better making two separate payments to your car finance people (if they let you) over 2 days, that total that amount :stuck_out_tongue: A dumb workaround for what should be a simple problem!

Support sucks - I’m not alien to that, but they’re not differentiating people based on their background, earnings, use cases etc. They’re just crap at support. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t disagree that Monzo has issues, but to say you “grow out of it” by earning a reasonable income, having a house, and a car etc, is nonsense - as I’m in all those categories, and have very few (if any) issues, so my own experience is different. I understand everyone’s mileage may vary, but sweeping statements of “it’s not suitable if you X, Y, Z” are nonsense when there’s evidence (as much if not more) of that not being true.


Agreed with you there. Maybe he should go to Coutts if he hits the bracket, which it sounds like he does, but I disgress. I have had my fair share of issues with support from Monzo, it’s not great at the best of times, but to say that the account is not suitable if you own a home is complete tripe

Agreed - but without wanting to take this off topic - a lot of people say they have issues with support, without saying what the problem is they were trying to solve (rightly so, no one expects that), and whether it could be solved themselves with help docs etc. etc. :smiley:

Everyone’s experience is different, and I can only convey my experience, and I respect others too, but to say the account is wrong for people of a specific categorisation that I fall into, is nonsense. :joy:

Support sucks, and is the biggest issue for Monzo :raised_hands:


I don’t mean any disrespect, but it’s clear we have differing views. As fellow investors in Monzo, we both undoubtedly seek the best for Monzo and, hopefully, our returns as well.

To provide some context from my perspective, which shapes my viewpoint, let me share my journey with Monzo (previously Mondo). I was one of the early customers when it was still a pre-paid card. My fondness for Monzo began instantly. I recall encountering a problem once and having a candid conversation with Tom, the CEO at the time, via a support chat.

Fresh out of university and in my first job, I was earning in the £20-30k bracket. The instant notifications, user-friendly interface, and app-first approach were aspects I loved.

Since then, it’s been an ongoing love affair with Monzo, particularly as more features were added. When Monzo received its banking license, I immediately transitioned to being a full Monzo user, leaving my previous high street bank. I’ve referred over 20 friends to Monzo, and some of them even became investors. I’ve always appreciated features like bill splitting and Monzo Me.

Fast forward to seven years later, I’ve climbed the career ladder, reached my six-figure income goal, bought a home and cars, and remained a passionate Monzo advocate. I’m not approaching this from a place of negativity – my admiration for Monzo has always been genuine.

Yet, the shortcomings began to emerge. For example, when I received RSUs and shares from my US-based employer, I couldn’t transfer the sales proceeds into my Monzo account (due to a lack of US transfer support, a basic feature in most bank accounts), leading me to reopen an account with a high street bank.

The lack of e-cheque support (which most other banks have) continues to be a pain - Yes I can post it for free and wait 3-4 weeks; but why can’t Monzo keep up with other banks on this where you take a photo and it’s processed straight away?

The £10k transfer limit, previously a non-issue, has now become a significant inconvenience. Whether transferring money between savings or ISAs or making substantial purchases like a car, the limit is restrictive. While other banks adjust their transfer limits to align with customer growth, Monzo insists that £10k should suffice regardless of circumstances, requiring a cumbersome approval process for larger amounts. This policy, along with an experience of having my account suspended when making a pre-approved payment, has been frustrating.

In my view, based on my own experiences, Monzo hasn’t evolved alongside its customers. Its policies, instead of accommodating growth, seem to be pushing some of us away. While I recognize my fortunate position, my main desire is to have Monzo’s features adapt to my evolving financial needs.

Discussions on forums and Reddit (excluding the issues about account closures) highlight the widespread annoyance with this transfer limit. It’s evident that Monzo hasn’t fully considered the practical implications. What might not be an issue for an 18-21-year-old can become a significant obstacle for those dealing with higher costs of homes, cars, and family responsibilities, often exceeding the £10k mark frequently.

While our views may diverge, and you might not be particularly interested, this is my rationale for believing that Monzo isn’t always suitable as people’s lives and financial situations evolve. It’s my own view shaped by my own experiences.

As Andrew pointed out, and I do agree, Monzo is great until you need support. I had no issues for years until these problems arose, but when I required assistance recently, Monzo fell short. It’s a difficult crossroads: I don’t want to leave Monzo, but their current policies make it challenging for some of us to stay.


Your point of view and experiences resonate with me. We seem to be in similar personal circumstances - I also work for a US company, receive RSUs (and previously stock options) and it just simply does not feel comfortable using Monzo. For previous liquidity events I’ve requested money is paid into another account (which I didn’t think much of before this current experience).

I consider personal banking a commodity - I am not overly attached to Monzo by any means, however I do admire how they’ve challenged high street banks, but a lot of those have, in my opinion, caught up. As I said previously, I just have 1 must have from my bank - that I can get money in and out seamlessly. I’m now adding efficient support to that list. I still haven’t heard anything back from Monzo so have opened a HSBC Premier account (who I also have other lending and savings product with). Current account switch service means no sweat off my back. Pity, but I am the customer and do not owe Monzo anything.


Thank you for sharing your experiences; our situations indeed appear strikingly similar

Before addressing potential criticisms of entitlement that will no doubt come in replies from others, I want to emphasize that while we are fortunate and perhaps in the minority, banks should naturally value customers in our position. Over time, individuals like us contribute significantly through interest on balances, international transfers (currency transfer profits), percentages on savings and investments, and potentially larger loans or mortgages (if Monzo ever went into that market).

Monzo’s seemingly adverse stance towards higher net worth individuals doesn’t align with basic banking principles. Banks traditionally aim to attract customers early, nurturing the relationship as they progress through life. This approach benefits both the customer and the bank.

A dynamic adjustment of transfer limits based on income seems a straightforward and effective solution, one that most other banks already implement. Monzo’s fixed transfer limit for customers regardless of income level is woefully inadequate for significant financial transactions for many of those living or working down South or in London for example.

As a Monzo investor, my hope is for the bank to cater to a diverse clientele, growing alongside its customers and offering relevant support. This approach not only benefits customers of all financial backgrounds but also enables Monzo to profit reasonably from higher net worth individuals. In a competitive banking landscape, the goal should be to attract and retain profitable customers like us, not push them away. Many of the high-street banks would give us Monzo Premium+ benefits for free just for banking with them!

I’m glad to hear that switching to HSBC has been a smooth solution for you. Given the circumstances, it seems I may soon find myself making a similar transition.


Your comments are incredibly tone deaf. I wouldn’t normally engage but I’ve just this week contributed to the funeral costs of someone who died penniless and with bare cupboards. It chafes.

You want to counter criticisms of entitlement, but then launch into a diatribe about how you should be valued by Monzo (and no doubt other banks) above us mere mortals who are not fortunate enough to be on 6-figure salaries, flinging masses of money hither and thither.

Being a Monzo investor myself, I disagree completely about banks pandering to high net worth individuals and their ilk, and I’d be pretty annoyed if they went down that route. There are plenty of other established banks who offer that gold-plated ass-kissing service. I would rather Monzo focussed on making banking better for the majority, regular folk, and particularly for those where the pennies actually matter, rather than kow-towing to the “elite” (or those who believe they are so).

Right, now that’s out of my system, and getting back on topic…

I do think that those who wish it should be able to permanently set a larger daily transfer limit. I’m not saying crazy amounts, but instead of £10K maybe as much as £25K? It wouldn’t benefit me as I don’t make transfers above the current limit frequently enough, but I could see where it might be of benefit. I don’t think it should be dynamically linked to salary, but salary should be a factor when asking for the limit to be changed.


Tone dear to whom? His comments by definition would be subjective as he is talking about himself I don’t see what the problem is?

Not being rude but that doesn’t invalidate what he is talking about. The two things can actually exist at the same time and unfortunately does.

He hasn’t said that at all. What he has said is that the limit should grow as people’s earnings grow. Fair play to the man for studying and then earning money.

That’s all that should have been said to be honest as the rest just comes across as being extremely bitter.


I believe Monzo caters exceptionally well to what you refer to as “mere mortals.” (your words, not mine and not language I would use as everyone starts somewhere).
It’s evident in the numerous awards they’ve won, which are well-deserved.

However, Monzo currently has a significant blind-spot regarding individuals in the situations we’ve been discussing in this thread. While you might feel that Monzo shouldn’t spare a thought for individuals in these circumstances, the reality is that a profitable bank needs to cater to a diverse range of clients from all walks of life. It might be uncomfortable to acknowledge, but it’s a fact that people in our position tend to generate considerably more revenue. As an investor, wouldn’t you want Monzo to maximize its profits and, consequently, enhance the value of your investment?

Anyways, everyone is unique, this is a problem for a sub-set of customers, and duly noted that you don’t want Monzo to care at all in those circumstances and only focus on one group.


The attitude in this thread is amazing.

Oh you earn lots of money, lets bow at your feet. Monzo should have dedicated person on hand 24/7 just because you’re in the higher tax bracket and others couldn’t possibly imagine the strain of trying to put more than £10k into your Swiss account to avoid some tax.

Monzo support for limit raises and everything else should be better. You should be able to get the limit raised quickly and easily regardless whether you are a tech hero or someone who has saved for 20 years to get an £11k deposit.

Anyone who crows about their opinion with some mention of being an investor should have that post automatically deleted too.


You may not like a capitalist system, but in any business an investor should have more weight. Hence why such things as Investor relations exist and shareholder meetings.

Again you may not like it, but that’s the system we are in and the reality of the situation.

No one’s asked for a dedicated person (though some banks do actually offer that…); but merely being able to get a transfer limit raise quickly organised and being able to successfully make the payment isn’t asking a lot from a bank. The basic premise of a bank should be to enable a customer to access their money when they need to. If it cannot fulfill this basic need, it shouldn’t exist quite frankly (with exception for quick and painless fraud checks, which are understandable).