Transfer limit increase denied, no reason given

I’m buying a flat next week and need a transfer limit increase. I requested the transfer limit increase through the app, made a video to confirm my identity, send them a copy of the letter from my lawyer with the details of the purchase, and shortly after received a denial with no reason given.

The process of buying a flat is stressful enough without Monzo adding to it. Why wasn’t I given a denial reason? Genuinely feel like I’m going to cry. I will not be able to meet the payment deadline without a transfer limit increase.

You’ll need to ask Monzo why they declined you, no one here knows that answer.

We’re all customers just like you, so to get support you’ll need to speak to Monzo in app.

There could be a multitude of reasons why, so you’ll just get lots of guesses on here which won’t actually help you resolve the situation.

When I searched this topic before I posted, there were other threads with replies from Monzo employees. I’ve tried to find out in the app, was told I needed to be transferred to another team, and it’s been two hours and I haven’t yet been transferred. So it doesn’t seem like asking Monzo will help me resolve the situation, either, so I might as well scream into the void here.


You need the funds readily available in your account, supporting documents and also do it really early on the day the transfer needs to be made. Like 6am early.


That won’t do you any good and certainly won’t get any answers. You’ll have to wait for Monzo to get back to you.


Are you sure the details on the ID you used to confirm your request match up with the details on your account? If the request has been denied then there’s quite possibly something wrong with your request.

If you were a scammer and they told you the reason for the rejection, then you’d know what you needed to do to gain access to the account - that’s probably why you’re not getting a reason for the rejection.

There are quite a few days between now and next week. Are you able to send several smaller transfers to your solicitor? That’s what I did with mine to save me from having to get my limit increased.

Many years ago staff were a lot more engaging on here. Now there is only a handful that give us updates from time to time. They don’t provide support through here.

That’s got to be extremely stressful, surely they should provide a reason out of common sense at least.

You still have a few days so as others have said there’s still a very good chance this will get sorted.


Thanks, Carlo. This is really helpful. I applied for a transfer to make on Tuesday and didn’t have the full funds in my account because I was waiting to confirm that I’d be able to transfer it out again. So I’m guessing that’s the reason.

I purchased my first property last year - always took it with a pinch of salt when I was told how stressful the process is however was proved completely wrong!

One thing I was luckily able to do was transfer my deposit to my solicitor in smaller chunks over the course of a few days (owing to daily limits imposed by another bank, not Monzo).

If you’re in a position with funds available now, it could be worth starting to transfer your deposit over.

I had mine paid over to my solicitor and ready a week before as I didn’t know when completion was going to be (exchanging and completing on the same day isn’t fun!).


Same…I couldn’t believe it would be this stressful! Unfortunately Monzo has a relatively low limit so I don’t have enough time to do the full transfer bit by bit, but I will try again on Monday to get a limit increase and only ask for the amount that’s already in my account. I had asked for a limit that was higher than I had in the account, because I had been intending to transfer more in.

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Hey @lina510

I would recommend making the limit increase request the day before you’re intending to make the transfer as our increases are not applied for a extended period of time.

If all your details are correct and you provided the requirements you should be approved come Monday evening when you apply.



Thanks very much, Tom. I appreciate the feedback!


Just start moving the funds early…:

If you have let’s say £2000 a day. Start moving it out to another account e.g Where the customer service of where a bigger bank comes into play.

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Morning Lina,

I’m really sorry to hear about your experience here.

The new limit increase process (which includes submitting a video selfie) allows customers to increase their limits up to 30 days in advance, without needing the funds available in their account.

This is different to the old process, unfortunately it sounds like whoever declined your limit increase might have done so using the old criteria and not the new one.

If you submit a new request, then it should get approved.

Please feel free to also get in touch with us via chat and ask to raise a complaint so that we can look into this and make sure it doesn’t happen again!


Hi Dan, I actually did get in touch with chat support and was also told I couldn’t schedule in advance or schedule money that was not yet in my account. So it sounds like many of the front-line Monzo employees don’t know about the procedure change, which is strange because I submitted video verification so it should have been clear that I should have been processed under the new system. I’ve just submitted a new request for only money that is already in the account, so hopefully that gets approved.

I ended up transferring the rest of the funds that I had intended to transfer to Monzo into my HSBC account and was able to go into a branch this morning and make a large transfer within 15 minutes. If Monzo wants people to use Monzo as their primary bank account, they need to streamline this process. I need to have this money in my lawyer’s account in the next three days, and the stress of not knowing if Monzo will follow their own procedures, or deny me again without giving any reason, or write back to a chat in a reasonable amount of time, does not give me confidence in using Monzo as a primary bank account.

Anyway, thanks so much for your help, you gave me much more useful information than I got from chat support and hopefully the request goes through this time!


Thanks Lina,

I’m away until 17th November, but I’ll make sure that I send some updated comms out to frontline then (unless somebody else picks it up from here in the meantime - I’m Slack free now!)


Hey @lina510 :wave:

Thanks for providing that feedback - I can help make sure that gets passed on to the right area of the business and like @Dan5 said if you don’t want to look into raising a complaint with our team, you can do that over the in app chat also.

Really sorry that this hasn’t went smoothly for you.

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I had no issues with mine, but had the funds available.

I cannot begin to imagine how stressful that must have been, but glad it was all sorted for you and enjoy the new home.