Unable to get an account


I tried to open an account today and after waiting a few hours for the identity verification the app said it’s unable to offer me an account. Does anyone know why this has happened? I had an account with them a year or so ago which I closed back then. Would this have something to do with it?


Afraid no one on the forum will be able to tell you why you are not able to open an account.

Here’s s another one @simonb - reckon this needs to be in a FAQ ?

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I thought maybe someone may have had the same issue and shared if/how they resolved it.

I don’t recall doing a switch, but thanks. I’ll look out for a response.

An FAQ sounds like a most excellent idea! I’ll have a think about what should be in it.

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More along the lines of if you’ve sent them an email they’ll get round to it, and reopening accounts are slightly problematic at the moment. :wink:

Is there any need for sarcasm when someone posts a legitimate query?:joy:

Sarcasm? Sorry none intended and I don’t know which bit you’re referring to.


I’m sure I recall reading that you need to email help@monzo.com to reopen an old account.

I could be wrong, but you should get an answer, at least.

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Earlier issues have all been about the app getting ‘stuck’ at the phone number stage because it’s already been used in the database. This relates to Monzo saying ‘No’ to the application from the sounds of it so the two issues are probably different.

I go back to the fact that the forum really isn’t the place to resolve this I’m afraid.