Closed account problems

Closed my monzo account about 6 or 7 months ago was told I could reopen any time as long as it’s after 30 days. Went to re open the other day and got rejected.

You have to email them It’ll save a bit of time if you include a selfie with your ID.

Did it say you were rejected or was it a different error message?

If the error is a result of you trying to reopen the account yourself then you need to contact Monzo. This is because they have to reopen accounts manually.

If Monzo have told you that they can’t offer you an account then their decision is final. Unfortunately there isn’t anything more that you can do.


Basically rejected.

Well I was just going by what I was told. I’ve emailed them see what happens.

You’re being very vague with the details which is making it hard for anyone to help you.

Who told you that you can’t have an account? A person or was it an error message?
What were the steps that you took to try and reopen your account?

Either way if you’re now emailing Monzo you should get a definitive answer soon :crossed_fingers: :slight_smile:


if the account was closed through current account switch then they won’t be able to open an account for you

They won’t be able to reopen the account but they can open a new one if it’s been CASSed

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Jeez, he said what happened right here! :wink:

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So I used CASS away and tried to rejoin. I contacted them through in app chat and explained the situation.

They removed the association between the old account and my email and told me to sign up as normal.

When I tried this, the account wasn’t opened. Just told by way of an error message something along the lines of “we’re unable to offer you an account”.

I contacted Monzo again by Twitter (although you really should use email) and explained the situation and they resolved it for me :slightly_smiling_face:

What was your situation? As that’s the same error i get.

I just left with the Current Account Switch Service as I had problems with Monzo then regretted it when the new bank was terrible

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Moral of the story never leave Monzo :rofl: