Account Re-opening!

Hi Guys!

To make a long story short I want a Monzo account again. I switched away recently as I thought it had negatively impacted my credit however it turns out it didn’t. I realised this literally just after switching and the bank I tried switching to were unable to stop the switch.

When I log into Monzo using my email address it loads up my old account however I’m unable to do anything with it so it’s in a weird state. I’ve also tried signing up for a new account however I’m just stuck on the ‘We’re verifying your account information screen’ and have been for the past two days.

Is there anyway to get my old account back up and running or do I continue with the new application? I’ve also tried emailing however I know with the rapidly growing customer base Monzo have at the moment it might be a while before I get a reply. Any information you guys can provide would be awesome! Hoping to be #FullMonzo again soon.

You need to wait 30 days before you can apply again and then email that address. They’ll reopen your old account for you then


I’ll be honest I can’t remember when the switch actually took place but I know it was in the first half of September. I take it that my original login will deactivate after the 30 days allowing me to reopen an account?

No, it won’t automatically deactivate. We also can’t reopen your old account if you have done a CASS switch.

Not sure why the new application is stuck.

If you’ve sent us an email already then we’ll sort this there.