Reopen Account

I sent an email to help@monzo last Friday requesting an account I closed a couple of months ago to be reopened. As yet I haven’t had a reply. Are Monzo now not reopening old accounts or am I just being impatient in expecting a reply within a couple of days?

Monzo are experiencing customer service delays this now but you should receive an email soon. If not send it again just in case.

Thanks Andy


I recently needed my account re-opened after being closed by CASS.

I managed to use the in-app chat and they were happy to help :slight_smile:

Thanks Gareth, but how did you use the in-app help once your account had been closed.

Not sure if it was different because I used CASS but I could still get into the app and see my feed etc. Even after I logged out, I could still log in the usual way.

I’m assuming you can’t get in at all? In which case, are you able to open a new account?

Maybe, I can’t sign into the app at all. I suppose I could open a new account but that seems a bit of a waste as I know Monzo will still have my details etc already stored somewhere.

When I contacted them, they closed the account completely I think and asked me to go through the usual sign up process.

I did have an issue where my account was rejected on the ID stage but I don’t think that part was meant to happen. At that point, I tweeted them about it and provided my email address through DM and they sorted it :+1:

Thanks again Gareth, I will give them a couple more days to reply by email than perhaps I will tweet them.

No worries :slightly_smiling_face:. They have been taking a while to give an initial reply (about 19 - 24 hours) but 3-4 working days seems a bit much. I’d be tempted to tweet them now