I’m struggling so much to open my account

Last night I opened a Monzo account and I followed all the steps right and it’s processing my details and all that then I go to app the next morning it goes back to the home screen so I log in and it says that we’re unable to offer you a Monzo account and as well I had an account a couple of months ago am I able to reopen someone help me I don’t know what’s going on what do I do

Hey Chloe! Welcome to the Community! Your best bet would be to either email Monzo at help@monzo.com or call them at 08008021281 :slight_smile:


So you had a monzo account before, did you close it or did monzo?


Hey, did you figure this out yet? The same thing happened to me today. I’m not sure what I need to do.

Are you guys sure your using the same email address you signed up with?

I used the same email address yeah. No idea why it’s happening. I can’t get through to Monzo on the phone and haven’t had a response to my email yet

Can you login to web.monzo.com successfully using the same email?

Is this like Starling where if you Close your Account with them, you can’t reopen one until 12 months later?

If you had an account before you need to wait 6 weeks before you can reopen.

You also can’t reopen your own account - you need to email or call Monzo and they will do it for you. This will explain the error you’re getting.

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