Unable to connect Barclays Premier account to Monzo

Monzo opens up the Barclays app on my phone (Pixel 8) just fine, but the Barclays app gives a pop-up error: “OBA19: Sorry this feature is currently unavailable. Please try again later.”

Has anyone else run into this issue? I’ve tried over multiple different days, still get the same error so doesn’t seem to be a temporary thing.

Are you new to Barclays/new phone?

I googled your question and the first result is a help article on the Em*a website.

Why does Barclays show a OBA19 or OBA28 error?
After registering for Barclays Mobile Banking, some features are only accessible to users who have been using the app for at least 10 days.

If you try to use certain features like connecting your accounts to Em*a via Open Banking within those 10 days, you’ll receive an error code (OBA19 or OBA28).

Additionally, if you switch to a different phone, you’ll need to wait another 10 days before being able to access the Open Banking features.


Thank you for the quick response! I’d done Googling on Monzo and Barclays Premier to no avail, hadn’t thought to use the error code! And yes it’s a new account, so that will explain it!


Eeek - those search results!

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I’ve a Barclays Premier account & it has worked fine :-). My Barclaycard didn’t :/. Good old Barclays.