Barclays Account Connection Stopped Working, Same for Other Apps (Barclays issue)

Can no longer connect new Barclays accounts, including updating Barclays accounts already connected.
Also same experience using Snoop, so it may be a Barclays issue.
Mentioning here as I am hoping Monzo might have contacts within Barclays IT.

Details to reproduce:
Go through process to reconnect or connect account, Barclays app opens and nothing further, sits on accounts screen.
Android 13
App Version:


Pretty sure this is just a Barclays service outage, my app hasn’t worked since yesterday and there seems to be widespread issues: Barclays down? Current problems and issues | Downdetector

Even if Monzo’s engineers did have contact with Barclays’, they won’t need to be informed, they’ll be aware and already on it, so only thing to do is hold tight until it’s fixed.

My Barclays app and account have worked throughout.
This issue has been happening since at least 9th July when I first installed Snoop and tried connecting.

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