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My boyfriend has received a message from Monzo notifying him that they are going to close his account. He has not requested this at all. He is currently out of the country and is having problems getting in contact with you.Please can you let me know what he can do to prevent his account from being closed.

Many thanks

Is it definitely from Monzo?

If they have told him they are closing it, that’s that. If he has access he can use chat, if not, is the email but don’t expect a swift reply.

He has no access to the chat tab. I will advise him to email them. Thank you.

Does he have access to his account in app? Or is he locked out?

If a bank decides to close an account there’s always a good reason. You can read more here…:

He has access to his account he just cannot access the chat tab.

Thank you. Very informative information I will pass it on.

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Why can’t he access chat? Can he not find it, is there an error?

Not always. Banks do make mistakes sometimes.

Either way it should be investigated

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Search ‘contact us’ in the help section to find chat.

Saying that I’ve heard some banks don’t give the customer a reason the likes of Hsbc will just close the account if a customer is not profitable or a decision making system has let someone have an account and shouldn’t have doesn’t necessarily mean it’s on fraudulent grounds.

I have Monzo account the app is locked by something wrong and I trays to open it by I can’t so can I get help

You’ve had help in the topic you created. Good luck :+1:

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