Monzo account not working at all

So I wanted to close my monzo account beacuse it was only temporary until I was ready to get a Barclays card but when i go to close my account on the app I get a “sorry we can’t close your account” so i thought it was beacuse I had money still in my account so i try to send the rest of my money to a close friend and get it back off him later on. But that doesn’t work either I kept getting a “sorry there was a problem please try agian later” so i thought ok I’ll just try agian later I’ve left the app alone for almost a whole month and I’m still unable to do anything u tried ordering a new card thinking it had something to do with my card not working but I’m always greeted with the “sorry we can’t do that at the moment” so obviously I’ve tried multiple times to contact monzo support for help but no one ever answers

Hi. Nobody here can help you. You need to go back to support and get a resolution from them.

If you have a Barclays account, use CASS to close your Monzo account.


I don’t have one yet

Then open a Barclays account and then use CASS.

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Why would you leave yourself without a bank account? What if Barclays reject you?

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