Unable to check my "Left to pay" date

Thought I’d try posting this here as Monzo Support/Complaints have failed to help so far.

I switched jobs earlier in the year and this meant my payday changing along with it. I’ve made a lot of use from my multiple Bills Pots to arrange my money without me really needing to do any massive accounting each month. I failed to predict how this could easily crumble when my pay date changed.

According to the app, the date Monzo uses to calculate your “Left to pay” is based on the same date you set in your Summary/Trends view. I have now changed this to my new pay date and can see all my trend data updating nicely. My “left to pay” date however remains unchanged, throwing my system into chaos by reporting wrong numbers out of sync with my pay date😤

I’ve had to go back to working everything out on paper for the past few months which is a great shame. Monzo Support are unable to change the date on their end either crazily enough. I raised a complaint a month ago to try and get something as simple as this changed or fixed but still have no response from them as of yet despite escalating.

Would like to know if anyone else is encountering the same issue and maybe get some movement on this because the Left to pay system seems to have been broken now for at least 3 months.

The summary and trends pay dates are separate dates and both are used in different places in the app :neutral_face:

If you tap on your current account do you still see this in the top right of the screen?


Some people have said it’s disappeared for them now.

You can amend the summary date there to be the same as the trends date. If you can’t see it hopefully somebody can provide a deeplink to get to the screen.

@Kumnaa you are an absolute life saver :tada::tada: They’ve hidden that setting so well that even Monzo support seems to have forgotten it exists :joy:

Hopefully for those who can’t see it they can make the fix soon!

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Fingers crossed! It’s missing for me, and I’d like to be able to just visually see what I have left to pay instead of having to figure out what’s still left to go out before the automatic transfer into the pot is sent.