BUG: Bills Pot "Left to Pay" uses the wrong date

I am paid on the 7th of each month (or before if it’s a weekend).

I have updated this in the app.

In the Summary screen it shows… “This month - 7 Jul - 6 Aug”
In the Trends tab is hows… “This month - 7 Jul - 6 Aug”

But in my Bills pot it shows… “Left to pay - Before 31 Aug”

When I tap on the little info button it tells me “We use your Summary period as the date range”.

I have quite a few payments that come out on the 1st of the month and I know that these are not included in the “Left to pay” because the date is wrong. And despite it telling me it uses the Summary period, that is also wrong.

I tried to get in touch with someone at Monzo to get the date range to change properly but they don’t seem to be interested. The telephone tells me to start an in app chat. The in app chat is non-existent and sends me hear.

Is this just happening to me or is this a known bug?


Are you using new layout or old?

If old layout; home page, pie chart top right, tap This period under Summary and then change, to amend the date to 7th or whatever,

Should then balance.

If new layout, turn off all layout in apps and follow above.

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Ah, I’m on the new layout. I will give that a try thanks.

I just checked new layout, just tap into account and then on the transactions page, pie chart top right there too.


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I’m having the same issue but can’t for the life of me find the section you mean, I don’t have a pie chart on the top left. UK Android app, I have Home, Trends, Premium, Payments and help as tabs along the bottom. Change the trends to refresh month on the 18th when i get paid.

The Home page doesnt have a summary section or a pie chart, the top of home has the spotlight section which are mainly links to trends, so really not sure what I’m supposed to click on. When I go into the current account I have feed and manage but again no pie chart.

It’s top right not top left.

Sorry i meant top right, ah yeh i don’t have that, just the magnifying glass

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Did you tap into the individual pot? It’s not on the Home Screen but you have to tap on the current account pot to see it.

I did indeed click onto the main account pot, no pie chart there, reinstalled the app and still no option

Which? the account, or a pot. The pie chart is only there if you are viewing your actual account, not if you’re viewing a pot. The settings that you can enter, for payment cycle, etc. carry across the entire app, but you can only access it through the account page.

So on home I click on my current account card to go into my account details, where I can see feed and manage, at the top there is no pie chart.

@davidwalton is it not the same to reach for android?

How strange…

All I can think is that the function may be moving in the new version of the UI.

Could you go into labs and switch off “App Layout” and see if that makes a difference.

Whoa, this gets weird (:android:)

I’m on the new layout, so I tap on the Personal card (account) from the new Home screen and it takes you to the Personal account in the carousel. The pie chart is shown at the top-right (for me)

I then scrolled across the carousel to our Joint account and the pie chart was NOT there. After swiping back to my Personal account, then back to the Joint account, the pie chart WAS now shown.

Haven’t been able to reproduce it since - but there is some intermittent thing going on…

But generally, the pie chart is only shown at the top-right of parent accounts (not Flex, pots or connected accounts)

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Sadly that doesn’t work for me either, turned off the new layout and still doesn’t show, very weird and annoying