(Paul) #1

Can anybody tell me how they manage their budget timescale when payday is not a fixed date? I.e. last Wednesday of the month. This makes it very difficult to keep track of how much I have left until payday and means I am constantly updating budgets which leads to errors. Would be great if Monzo had greater flexibility on choosing pay cycles. Starling has this feature so I’m guessing it’s not technically difficult. Thanks in advance :+1:

(Gareth) #2

Get paid to a 3rd party bank, standing order moves money when I want. Build a buffer and forget about it.

Be aware some standing orders only transfer on weekdays.

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #3

I thought the Summary/Budget feature now allowed more flexible pay dates?

(Splodf) #4

Yeah. Still doesn’t cover everything though.

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #5

Does it cover last Wednesday of the month?

(Splodf) #6

It does not.

Doesn’t cover any of the ‘lasts’.


It covers last working day (and, i think) last day now…

(Splodf) #8

I’ve only got first of.

Or pick a day.


If you select the 31st it’ll default to the last day if the month has less than 31 days.

Once you’ve selected the 31st you get an option to go for last working day by tapping “working day before”:

(Splodf) #10

Ah. It does that with whatever you select.

I feel like I’d have more luck convincing my employer to change my paydate then getting Monzo to actually finish something properly. :joy:


I get paid weekly and this is what I’ve been doing

(Adam) #12

Another technique that I’m trying at the moment is having enough of a buffer so that I can move my salary into a pot as soon as I get paid (the last Thursday of the month).

Then I schedule a payment to be the last day of the month to pretend that’s my payday.

My budget starts on the first of each month now.